Table of Contents

This book is dedicated to The Survivors.
Those wounded-ones whose brilliant lives
were snuffed out in the blackened flames
of monotony, madness, and murder.



Part 1
Chapter 1 The Unknown
Chapter 2 Our Choice
Chapter 3 My Safe Harbor
Chapter 4 Things to Come
Chapter 5 Deliverance in Dallas

Part 2
Chapter 6 The Pains of Remembering
Chapter 7 Murder on Their Minds
Chapter 8 Hunted
Chapter 9 Will She Still Love Me Tomorrow?
Chapter 10 A Time for Telling
Chapter 11 The Battle Begins
Chapter 12 The Savior is in Our Midst

Part 3
Chapter 13 Family Secrets Reveled
Chapter 14 The Three Methods of Control
Chapter 15 The Trade
Chapter 16 Blood Makes The Green Grass Grow
Chapter 17 A Step Into Family Central
Chapter 18 Between Death and Life

Part 4
Chapter 19 The Pen or The Sword?
Chapter 20 A Letter for My Daughter
Chapter 21 A Message to the Masses

Part 5
Chapter 22 A Kingdom Divided
Chapter 23 A Girl Named Suze
Chapter 24 Learning His Ways

Part 6
Chapter 25 The Inner Worlds
Chapter 26 The Dodge Viper
Chapter 27 Secreted Away

Part 7
Chapter 28 Paying the Final Price
Chapter 29 This is a War

Part 8
Chapter 30 Into The Wilderness
Chapter 31 Leap of Faith
Chapter 32 When Passover Provides
Chapter 33 Family Relief

Part 9
Chapter 34 When Death Calls
Chapter 35 Falling in Love Again
Chapter 36 A Man and His Dog
Chapter 37 Best Friend Betrayal

Part 10
Chapter 38 Student Teacher Interlude

Part 11
Chapter 39 A Wilderness Confession
Chapter 40 Even for Just One

Part 12
Chapter 41 Chained: Even When You’re Free
Chapter 42 The Hunger


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