Becoming a Double Agent

Have you ever been given a treasure so precious you hid it away? Maybe you peeled back the layers of carpet and crammed it between concrete and foam. Perhaps you wrote of its location, this great pearl, in an old journal, which is now lost in the boxes marked, “ATTIC SPACE.” Or maybe you grew up in a home where gifts weren’t hidden but were cherished, cultivated, and allowed to grow into wonders beyond compare.

For decades I was raised inside a den of thieves. I was taught by professional criminals how to remain undetected. The sleight of hand was not bound to disappearing thumbs, quarters, or handkerchiefs but evidence of bribery, blackmail, and bitter acts of revenge. I was taught how to live between the shadows of people’s perceptions and the fuzzy reality of truth. It was a subtle art taught to me by people who worshiped a fiery serpent called by many names. This Plumed Serpent gave them a strange fire which they used to deceive the minds of men. It helped them to hide “the hand” which dealt so devilishly with the world.

Each and every one of us was born into our own strange worlds. Some stranger than others. I could not comprehend the normalcy of my neighbors when I went to their 4th of July parties, where children ran around in honest enjoyment. In wide-eyed wonder I’d see them fill their squirt guns with water from the hose. Meanwhile, my Family taught me to fill them with Ammonia and how to aim for the eyes. I viewed their ‘normal’ life as that shadowy underworld… the place where dreams are made true by the innocence and ease of life. Their world was an endless mirage of fruit trees budding to life in the distance. All the while my Family’s deserts of death rippled in between.

No one ever gets a pass in this life, whether your grow up rubbing elbows with the elite or you beg for food on the street. Life, just as with death, is truly inescapable. There is no way to avoid the explosion of emotions that comes when a phone rings carrying the news of miscarriage, divorce, infidelity, or loss of income. Life will always come calling.

The echoes of those rings can bring us tears from memories of childhood hilarity or teenage antics of ‘risky behaviors.’ Sometimes life sounds like screaming from the frustrations of situations we have no control over.

For all of us the sounds of life trigger memories of the patterns we were raised in. For my wife, Chelsea it was by and far a wonderful life. Where families took care of each other and tended to their children’s needs. One which gave her lenses to this world that were clear, and marred only by the inevitable stains worldly living leaves on us all. The lenses with which I learned to see the world were shattered, giving me visions of many lives perpetually wandering in and out.

She saw the innocence of childhood through her own eyes, while mine came through those stolen vicarious glances. I looked with desert dried eyes at “the family next door” and tried to catch a glimpse of something unfamiliar to me. In all my peering I was convinced by those master magicians, that those moral families, were a cursed land of meaningless misery.

Instead I fell in love with a lie. I embraced it as identity as we all have done. I longed instead to be alone. To cut off from my soul the gift life brings. Maybe you cut the gift of life off, with the job you are addicted to; a career, which allows you to escape your children or marriage and hide behind your pursuit for a better tomorrow. Maybe you hide from the ringing sounds of life by running into the black mirror of a technology. Those breathless idols who seduce us with their promises of comfort and convenience.

We run from the sounds and realities of Life because at key moments in our earlier life those gifts were stolen away from us. They were taken by a dirty comment, a lust fueled touch or someone playing a cruel joke on us. They snatched away from us the truth of who we are. When they told us we were mistakes, failures, or foolish one night stands. Those thieves stole from us the truth and left us a nest of lies built by an architect of evil.

There is a real architect of this prison system we’ve been ensnared in. The authors of evil, the designers of worldwide webs of deception hide among Parent Teacher Organizations, City Hall Councils, hair stylists, and kings alike. They have willingly, but often ignorantly, agreed to be agents of deceit. They create the problems in our life, they manage our reactions like a farmer does his crop. They prune us with poison, while watering their strategically placed seeds of deceit. Until the day comes when they can harvest our reactions and provide us the solution of our demise.

They are masters of their Craft. They walk in to churches and bow their well-practiced knees. Raising their hands higher still they masquerade with the righteous. Hoping their other ‘brothers’ see their good deeds. But The Most High God is not befuddled by their mimicry. He has never been fooled, hoodwinked, or usurped. There has never been a carnal ascension to His Holy Throne. Gods have fought for it and in chains of darkness were they bound, to be punished. Men and women have died in their quest for apotheosis their bodies are found rotting with putrid worms instead.

Dragons, and the agents who serve them, do not battle opponents directly. Instead they are patient, ever eager to allow ‘nature’ to take its course. When Komodo Dragons want to hunt dangerous prey, like a water buffalo, they do so with a far more ancient method of warfare.

The dragons, normally solitary creatures gather together in order to target a far larger prey. In this example they start by appraising a group of buffalo feeding on the island grasses. The dragons soon choose one of the buffalo and then they surround it from its support system. Once it’s been driven from the heard, the dragons, in a moment of frenzy, suddenly launch an assault on the buffalo.

They lash out with the most delicate dance of small bites until a small stream of blood is started. They strike at the heels until they pierce their flesh surrounding the back of the hoof and then suddenly they stop. Letting their panicked prey get up and leave. The dragons retreat, keeping an eye on their prey with a rotating shift. The animal soon becomes desensitized to their smell. Even beginning to sleep with the dragons who use the animal as warmth. All the while knowing, those small wounds are still seeping. The dragons wait patiently while their poison does its work.

For days, and then weeks, and sometimes longer, the dragon’s nest with their prey. Waiting for those long forgotten wounds to fester. Soon the sores begin to stagnate, the venomous infection spreads into every area of their body, as they leak their life into the soil. Then at a moment of their choosing the dragons gather as, wolves to the wounded where they tear their prey apart. Those subtle and crafty dragons are patient predators who consume their captive when it no longer can provide them “a meal on wheels.’

Komodo Dragons, like the Serpents of old, have a poison which does not kill you quickly. They are ancient creatures who are patiently and precisely infecting us all. Whether they walk in a Jesuit’s cloak of concealment, a politician’s promise, or deemed “Safe and Effective,” by our white robed medical priests, they profit off the poison they feed us, the treatments that ail us, and the death of their meal on wheels.

The world is at war with you and the gift of life you were given. Each and every one of us was entrusted with just one life. One day, one moment, a single span of attention bridging the past, present and future. It is what we do with those single moments, which feeds the dragons or reveals their deeds. It comes when the prey suddenly sees the dragon sleeping next to it as the devil it is and crushes its arrogant head.

The reason the architects of evil have so ensnared us all is because human beings are the embodiment of what they can never be. These rebellious watcher angels and fallen princes of heaven will never have forgiveness. They can never be redeemed. And yet there exists a creature who, even after choosing death, can instead be freed to life. The creatures of clay, mankind in all its flaws and weakness, can be forgiven.

No matter what you have done. No matter what you have failed to do. No matter how many times you drank the poison, and let the dragons consume your joy, steal your peace or ruin your family. You can choose to change.

You can choose to turn from your path of self-hatred, regret, or indifference and embrace the gift of Life again. You can be brought out of death itself. Your soul can be resurrected from the grave it was cast into, by your hand or the hand of any other. You can be saved from the destruction of pornography, abuse, violence, rage, and indifference.

You can take the chains, which once bound you to despair and cast them into His furnaces of redemption. The metals of our misery can be refined in the fires of His freedom. He alone teaches us how to turn wicked wounds, into an armor of hope and weapons of deliverance.

We were never supposed to be seduced by the liars we called boyfriends, bishops, or doctors of pedigree. And yet… we all were. All of us have been deceived. We have all been lied too, cheated on and stolen from. We had thieves take our character traits that made us passionate, playful, delicate and overwhelming. But the joys of this Life can be restored to us. It comes when we choose to spend the single moment of time we have been given on the truth. When we do this we will leave the dragons to their nests of unrest and we will find a home built upon The Rock of Redemption.

This world was built to make us believe lies. The gods of this age, those corporate Entities like Disney, the bitten Apple, and SERCO, are ruled by master magicians, wizards, and unholy priestesses of ancient orders. They wave their wands and broadly cast over us false realties that make our little girls want to be heroes of The Hunger Games, until they become trained seduction-wielding assassins like a Red Sparrow. They imagineer our sons to want to be sissy soldiers and turn grown men into teenagers who play video games, while they rape our wives and sisters in their corporate offices, because Feminism and Liberty is our goddess in the United States of Columbia.

So the question remains…. How do you fight an enemy you can’t see? How do you fight a venomous lie spoken into your soul forty years ago? How do undo what happened to you when you were in third grade and didn’t know any better? You stop fighting feelings with bullets, booze, and bitterness. You must learn to fight with an unseen arsenal. You must utilize weapons that did not originate from their armory.

You slay the dragons of deceit by your refusal to believe the lies you were infected with. You fight with humbled knees, tear stained cheeks, and a relentless devotion to resist. We seek to do good instead of evil, to bless and not curse, even to the ones who stole our innocence. When we sacrifice our fury, bitterness and hatred you will be given an unshakeable faith to do the impossible. Forgive….as many times as you have been forgiven.

In doing so, we weaponize the one thing the dragons do not have, repentance, forgiveness, mercy, and above all else…Truth. At the end of the day, the only thing which will slay the dragons of old is the Blood of The Lamb, the words of our testimony, and not loving our lives even unto Death.

We must turn from the internal targeting, which shoots the man in the mirror with the guilt of another person’s mistakes. Instead, we lay our sights on vein imaginations, doctrines of devils and seek to destroy those wounds from within. We ask The Most High God to deliver us, by the power of His Hands from the wounds of words, the guilt of glances, and the curse of cowardice.

We seek salvation not from the life He blessed us to live, but instead from the feelings which stole our peace. We must remember to learn and study the Words He’s given us and fight for our homes to be set free.

Those dragons may come to consume some of us along the way. But no matter what happens, you can come to know the one whose name is Wonderful, Counselor, and Prince of Peace. The Captain of The Heavenly Host will teach you to slay your dragons (Joshua 5). He will show you what they look like, how they speak with their forked tongues of beauty and dis-ease. He will equip you with everything you need to conquer the kings of chaos, titans of sorcery, or restless sleep.

Call upon Him and see if He is not able to rescue. He does not grow weary, He will never fall short, He will reach into the depths of The Abyss and draw you out. (2 Samuel 22) He is merciful forgiving the chief sinners of their detestable days, nights, and worthless slights. He is mighty to save, quick to deliver, and the only One who will once and for all slay The Dragon of Old.

These words are written to remind you, our battle is not with flesh and blood. All wars, whether they are fought with shrapnel or keyboards are first fought in the spiritual realm. The disciples and masters of these magic-(ka-el) realms do so with fervent devotion. They have sworn the oaths against heaven and earth. Forsaking all others, instead they darken their understandings. Divining the secrets of cosmic archons through their astral projections into quantum realms of occulted ethereal space. Ever seeking to succeed they sear their conscience with the hot irons of incest, murder, and spirit cooking’s ceremonies. In doing so, they have done every detestable thing (Ezekiel 8, 2 Kings 3).

They have sought to skip across their Kabbalistic trees of death, by descending to the Abyss of Apollyon. It is from this debased place where they can seek the fallen hosts of captive rebels, called the Qlippoth. These angelic prisoners of perversion are held in the chains of Tartarus beneath The Pit. It is in the dungeons of dragons where modern mystics makes ancient covenants among Death, Hell, and the Grave. They seek to pass through the strange fiery rings of these dragons of the ‘radiant darkness.’ In a quest to go upon the straight path from hell to holy. If they are not slaughtered in their fiery disintegration and they pass through the destruction, they become “illuminated.” Rising from this abyss the magician ascends to a veritable godhood of powers so that they can reign as the Qlippoth’s earthly stewards of evil to achieve their ‘Great Work.’ Now full of the harlots cup they become bodies for the beasts they serve. From this position magicians launch coordinated covert assaults seeking to ensnare the hoodwinked masses into their inevitable destruction.

These super-charged devotees feed their Family spirits and ancient masquerading gods with the dis-ease of the nations. They weaponize fear, guilt, and shame transmuting this negative energy into strange ethereal fires. Only after their supply of wicked deeds are at their fullest will they strike. The precision-guided weapons shoot like fiery missiles into the hearts and minds of mankind. These doctrines of deception find soils prepared by ‘Great Workers’ now long deceased.

Just as a single spark sets the forest ablaze, so too their serpents sting sets the world alight. Look no further, than the rise of spiritism in the 19th century, or the emasculation of man, morality, and eternal meaning in the 20th. But the single greatest truth these master magicians don’t want you to know is this: Their mental magic whether it came from, Aleister Crowley or Jerry B. Jenkins, can be extinguished. (

No matter the scale of the ritual working, these scientifically spiritual practitioners are opening gateways in all realms of life. Look no further than the five decades of experiments with portals being opened by Neutrinos at Sandford Labs in South Dakota, or with their collider rings and accelerators in Transylvania, China, New York, and France. (

Our media forces us and more importantly, our children, into front line seats while fallen angels are fed the focused emotions of the fans of millions. The Qlippoth’s high priestess Madonna performed her perfect 33-minute ritual at the 2012 Super Bowl Half-Time Show. This single performance still broadly casts her invocations and evocations to billions of eager eyes and open ears.

We must close these doors of deception once and for all. We must cleanse their curses of death by our relentless pursuit of life. We must banish these Magical Kingdoms like Disney from poisoning our children. We must stop daily divorcing our children. Sending them away to institutions of indoctrination where they will be married to the churches of science, state, or emergent new age faiths. We must never be complicit in allowing others to raise our children in nests of deceit.

We can choose this day how we live. We can choose to live authentically. Even when the sounds of Life come calling with bad news and broken hearts. We must stand firm when our Monday morning feeling comes to convince us we are miserable.

We need to be better husbands, fathers, and sons. We need to fight for fellowship, friendship, and truth. We need to leave this world of worries to The God Who Provides. We must stop looking for the gods of Mammon to bless us and instead seek the provision that does not rot, rust, or leave us empty. We must be encouragers, quick to clothe the naked with mercy, sincerity, and comfort. Freely we have been given this life, so freely give your life to all you can. In doing so, we might finally shirk off the accurate accusations of our apathy and indifference to the lost and hoodwinked sheep.

Find a way to fight a quiet war of redemption for the souls of whoever may ‘coincidentally’ stumble across your path. The path we must walk upon will always be narrow. Few will find it…fewer still will overcome the obstacles and fulfill the greatest mission of all. Just what that mission is….is between you and the One True King.

I am not the man you should look to for your marching instructions. I am not here to be a leader of a movement, to fight your battles, or be a shot-caller to wolves hiding among sheep. I am a man like many others who was raised by people under the influence of dragons and thieves. I seek other pilgrims who are progressing through life learning to accept the truth instead of hiding behind false identities. I seek your friendships, your fellowships, and your sincerity. I wish to learn to love the life I’ve been given and to fight for the deliverance of the people who once stole it from me.

Whether you are a wolf hiding among the brethren, a courageous peasant hiding in plain site, or a dragon nesting with the elite, you are welcome to walk with me along as we plot our course through the dens of devils and seek to snatch the family trees from those fires of iniquity.

If someday these words find their way to the ones who dealt their Death cards in response to my recent blog and video revelations, may you know; He alone quieted the murderous rage of the sons of Cain. Those Dr. Jekyll’s and Mr. Hyde’s. Those betrayed ones you trained to kill and forget, are now finding peace to calm their storms. May you not forget my family still lives, not because of anything I did, but because of who He is. Do you not know Yahweh is merciful and quick to save those who cry out to Him in their distress? And yet Families love to cling to old traditions.

Only cowards send children to fight their battles, while the Family elders hide behind walls of blood oaths, corporate loopholes, and Family Trusts. Enough people have fought your dirty wars, but we are no longer soldiers for your mystic “jesus.” We have grown weary of your bloodlust, greed, and promises of future bliss.

From within your households will come the agents of your destruction. I am like millions of others, who were double agents hiding in your fiery midst. We may have been born without the freedom to choose, but we have come to know the Author of Freedom. We are no longer children bound to your broad ways of bitterness, envy, and strife.

Long ago and maybe last week, us Survivors were the blackmailed bodies from the pages in your little black books. But we have recorded evidence of your double dealings and sown this terrible truth into the winds. Everything you thought you did covertly will be brandished for all. What a terrible and dreadful enemy El Shaddai is to those who persecute His beloved.

My body will one day be broken but my spirit will never again be bound to my former Families ultimate defeat. Your reprisals, threats, and attacks are ill-advised as the spotlight is only growing brighter on your darkest deeds. You have been warned to flee the destruction to come. Soon, the strange fires you wield will consume your Families, your fortunes, and your spell-casting fame. May none of you be found among them. For their magical and material houses will come down, and the crashes they bring will be unlike anything the world has yet seen.

Be relentless in your devotion to understand the Truth and to wield your spiritual weapons with practiced poise. Do not doubt our Deliverer is among us and He will transform what they intended for evil into the saving of many lives. Count it a joy my dearest brothers and beloved sisters when you are able to finally suffer for The Truth, rather than our petty mistakes. Let your hearts be filled with hope because as of now, your gift of Life is still beating. Pounding away those precious moments. May you choose to spend them wisely. I hope you never again are satisfied with hiding your treasures, those gifted brilliant moments, under the rugs of regret, and the carpets of cowardice. Let us be guilty of a life lived with unquenchable passions to see captive hearts and minds set free.

What do you do when the face in the mirror is suddenly marred by claws of a dragon who’s hunted you from the days of your youth? Who do you call when your bleeding out on the side of a highway after our enemy’s retaliation found its target?

The throbbing of noise is a thunderous bellow of madness. The darkness of the night is suddenly rent open by phosphorous bulbs exploding, launching tracers of light. Metal shards slice through the sky impaling themselves into the fabric of my body, clothing, tires, and the brush beyond the road. Thousands of pounds of a vehicle’s frame suddenly smashes into my body.

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The impact launches me into the air and I am tumbling through the darkness. My body bounces onto the rocks before tumbling again and again until I am jarred to a sudden stop. Just yards beyond my body is a forty-foot cliff of broken shale and scraggy oaks inching their way towards the stars I am now seeing.

My head is pounding. My heart is charging through its paces ready to beat its way out of my chest. The tattered remains of my pants lie in ribbons around gravel raked knees and shins. Some internal evaluation determines I’m still alive and kicking, but I know my life may be a temporary reality. I am assessing myself, determining which injuries are most critical. The blood gushing into my left eye and pouring off my face is disabling, but not critical. Every breath is a reminder of how much damage my torso has taken. Confusion and chaos erupt against me but an immovable belief holds me back from the pit of destruction. Etched into the fibers of that hope is a well-seasoned confidence; my war is not yet over. Tonight, is not the night when The Dragon will have his long-sought revenge.

The thoughts come crashing through my mind one after another. I see the world slip into focus between beats of adrenaline focusing me into a purposed and practiced way to survive. My hearing begins to focus in and I notice tires screeching to a stop. Shapes are exiting vehicles. I don’t know their faces but the strangers coming towards me may be here to finish what they started.

Before a moment turns to two, I hear the truth I need to get out of this alive. “Nathan must survive. He must live and not die. He must get home to Chelsea and Naomi, we have to get home to them. We can’t die here, not now, not like this. I am not done here. I am not ready for this to be where they find our body lost while fighting in a ditch.”

For the first time in far too long, a part of my heart which was so committed to death wants to live. We desperately need to not be done here. We survived a life time of death, but now we want to live in the season of rest. We want to have a family, to see our daughter grow and become who she was destined to be. We need to see our daughter fulfill her miraculous purpose on this earth. We know she is here for the glory of the One True God who entrusted her to us, for such a time as this.

She is the daughter who inspired me three years ago to finally leave the tattered world of murderers, monsters, and money hungry thieves. I forsook the generations of left-hand path work and renounced the sins of my ancestors who prepared a wicked road for their children to be feasted upon.

They did this by making deals with devils during Goetic Magick ceremonies that soon helped them build a fortune on the blood of betrayal. They chose to sacrifice the future of their firstborn children for the sake of building a dynasty.

I however, choose to rebel from generations of rebellion. I gave up families, friends, fortunes and a filthy fame that consumed my restless soul for decades. I finally quite running from the man in the mirror and faced the coward within. I gave the many shattered pieces of my soul back to The Creator of Hope, the Author of Deliverance and one who saved a wretch like me.

I gave Him my blood-stained hands and turned myself in. I was so tired of hiding from the horrors of what I’d been made to do. I was so angry for the things I did to people I was ordered to make go away. I wept for weeks and months and now years for the people whose lives I left ruined shattered after “coincidental accidents,” left them bleeding out on the side of a road.

Even in the suffering, I found faith buried beneath burdens of regret. I came to believe again The Creator alone could somehow make my dealings with death into a testimony of coming to follow The Resurrected King. The God I now choose to serve holds the keys to Death in His pierced hands. No longer will Apollyon rule over those who choose to call upon His Name.

The Redeemer held my bloody hands and did not turn from my shame. He did not push me aside and leave me to be burned. He lifted me out of the strange Family fires I was born and raised within. He did not cast me away but drew me out of the mire and madness of furious anger, bloodlust and hate. He put upon me a peace I am unable to comprehend. He quenched the fires of doubt with showers of His faithfulness. He did not leave me in the house of horrors where incestuous fires were kindled year after insufferable year. He showed me that He is not like my earthly father.

Unfortunately, like too many children out there, I was exploited and trafficked into being many oath keepers night of regret. My fleshly father turned a fortune blinded eye, to the lusts of family members and politicians alike. Though that was the life I grew to know as normal, I can, and choose to, break that cycle of abuse.

As for me and my house, we have chosen to serve Yahweh. The one who forbids such detestable things to be done. The God who does not keep secret the Family’s dark ways. He is a good Father who protects, provides, and ensures you can receive a new life. Because I chose to leave the darkness and call upon His Name, He proved that He came to set the captives free. For I know He smuggled me and my family out of that wretched world and gave me one full of authenticity and hope.

As the years faded into the distance, my wife, daughter, and I left the echoes of The Underworld behind. Into the wilderness we wandered, where we found joy beyond measure, and a confidence which will never be shaken. He is faithful to fulfill His Word; I have tested it and found it to be true. He is a shield to those who trust Him and is a terror to those rebels of fallen will. With our eyes we have witnessed him jam the weapons of disciplined and trained assassins, stop curses from witches who walked in realms of power few imagine as real, and cast off the cowardice within. He has fed us food when we had no money. He has kept cars running without gas, and given us new families who love with sincerity. He has even been faithful to give us homes in places from coast to coast.

The words I speak next are for those who may still be on the fence wondering if it’s worth persevering. If ever you find yourself broken beyond belief or bleeding from a brotherly betrayal, I pray you remember these words. If there is still blood in your body and breath in your lungs you can still testify of His goodness and mercy to all. You can call upon Him who is able to save and He will deliver you. His Name is Salvation. He is the one I called upon when I was a young man full vengeance, hatred, and rage. He saved me then and I knew He would save me the night when my world exploded from speeding wheels leaving lanes and finding their target.

The truth is “Coincidental Accidents” never make headlines like a man murdered in a violent crime. They get buried on the columns of page 12 of the Local news everyone skips over. Family members placed within the ranks of editors and writers makes sure the headlines read just the way they like, after all the blackmail being held over them whispers of evil. Instead of hearing the story, the masses pass over the truth hiding in plain site; missing the martyrdom of people who spoke the truth and paid for it with their lives. The Families know confessions of a dangerous mind only get validated and vindicated when whistle blowers are discredited, destroyed, or dead.

But of course I am only speaking in hypotheticals right?

The truth is the war is getting bloodier every day. For those who’d like to know the truth, go ahead and spend some time looking at coincidentally accidental deaths or near misses in the last 12 months and you will see their scale-covered fingerprints.

I ask you though, what should we expect if the people continue to be willingly ignorant of The Enemies schemes? If you do not study and learn your enemies tactics you will not see his agents at work. You will pass over their sigils, symbols, and markers of death dismissing them as language of paranoid people and conspirators. Ever seeing and yet never coming to the truth, we accept the deception and call it lovely. In doing so, the Sorcerers and Architects live as kings behind the walls of shame-soaked souls.

Day and night the circus we call life plays on while billions pay their lives away to watch a televised Message to The Masses. The holly-woods wand out entertainment as a mockery of people who protect their own enslavement. The endless spells are broadly cast over the nations. Sending forth a false light continually blinding them from coming to the truth, which is inescapable. For soon enough their curses will fail them, their gods will die like men and their crowned and conquering child will be crushed beneath the Pierced One’s feet.

The days of hiding the Serpents spells with eons of secrets are coming to their climatic end. It is time to expose the subtle Craft of the Dragon. Now we know the archons of old and their spidery web of weavers will be stopped when we learn their tactics and tear down their strongholds of illusion.

Let us examine ourselves and understand how we have been so easily overtaken and outflanked, and why we are ready to be overrun. It is because the deadliest of fears have been sprayed upon us all as a weapon of their warfare. This fear which has stained our broken bodies must be called out of its shame-bound hiding place. Now is the time you ask yourself the painful questions we’ve all been avoiding.

When will you fight harder for the truth than you will for the comforts this world falsely provides? Why won’t you be the man who wrestles with the monster he has been and slays the dragon within? When will the women learn their true identity will never come from the sorcerers who curse you with Fashion, Fame, and Feminism? When will our children be protected from poisons and perversions raining from our skies, spliced into our foods, and served up in the prisons of indoctrination we call schools? When will the people be willing to turn from their fear of men and finally fear The One who can throw our bodies and spirits into the fire of judgement?

Do you not know we are here to invade enemy territory? To sneak behind enemy lines and sow in seeds of forgiveness, love, passion, conviction and above all else His Truth, never knowing what that seed may bear. A single seed you plant may grow into an orchard that feeds a family in their hour of hunger. Another may sow a seed into rocky soil where it will lie dormant. Decades and centuries may pass before the soil once hardened by generational curses is suddenly churned and broken by the plow of a pilgrim.

A faithful pilgrim progressing on his journey of a covenant to The King. Soon the seed may be watered with hope for the first time. It may taste of the goodness of unconditional love and begin to grow roots into fertile soils prepared before the firm foundations of the world were laid. The leaves would stretch forth towards the sun-kissed sky they’d longed to gaze upon. A sky of sapphire, rich and vibrant as to cast off the crusty shells of shame once concealing its beauty beneath the grime. Those trees would grow to into places of provision for those trapped behind enemy lines.

Chelsea, Naomi, and I are one family who stumbled our way through the darkness as we escaped from furious Knights of Gnostic Orders and criminal members of off-book military organizations. We found refuge under trees that were planted by men and women some of whom laid their seeds of faith thousands of years ago. Those pilgrims were courageous enough to choose to fight for their family to be free. Lives were laid down to in repentance from the stains of mistakes they wished had never happened.

They are the true heroes who have gone before us that looked upon idols of industry, Magic Kingdoms, and child ravaging kings and said, “No more.” They were warriors of a different breed who fought not out of greed, hatred, or revenge but rather, they fought by their refusals. They waged wars of abstinence setting a precedence of purity, a way of living that was set apart from the streams of seduction swallowing us one by one.

They fed the enemies with forgiveness, mercy, compassion and hope. They offered shelter to spies and hid children who were commanded to be killed and gave them an authentic life instead. They created underground railroads, and smuggled families from bondage into homes of healing. They built cities and called them Refuge, Mercy, and Deliverance. It is in those set-apart places where they let the guilty and demented come and seek justice against the true perpetrators.

They stood boldly before princes, they bowed before The King and denied The Accusers the leverage they sought to condemn their souls. They lived their lives with gratitude, passion, laughter, and hope. They’re love for justice and conviction for His Truth overthrew nations far greater than our own. They conquered Kingdoms with prayers of repentance and found that vengeance was best entrusted to The Rider on the White Horse not the end of our keystrokes of slanderous judgment. They slew dragons with their own fire, shut the mouths of liars and lions alike. They washed the wounds of their tormentors and gave generously even to the thieves. They loved without rational understanding and nursed wounded wolves back to health.

Their testimonies have held together the shattered pieces of millions of broken hearts. They are the true saints which have gone before us. They left this world speechless, by standing in a silent devotion to live authentically instead of dying with regret. They were a strange people remembered for their commitment to a Covenant that promised life for life instead of death for death. They are a people who need to be remembered, not with candles of necromancy and pagan holy days but in The Way we let their lives echo through our own.

Repentant tears need to stain our cheeks as we weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice. We need to be the ones offering our bodies to be cut in pieces in their colosseums of public opinion. We need to post on their walls our testimonies without apology or regret. We need to be free from our fears of anything other than honoring His Name and dying in our quest to slay The Dragon once and for all.

And this dear reader is how we will see the end of our torment once and for all.

The keys to our Enemy’s destruction were written with Revelation long ago and must be used in this war of the ages. “The Enemy The Dragon, that Devil of Old is defeated by The Blood of The Lamb, The Words of our Testimony………..and not loving our lives even unto our death.”

The words of all our testimonies must be authored, spoken and brought out of their hiding. They will strike out as an arrow aimed at the heart of the Beast’s kingdom. These words will in the end bring about its utter defeat. Let me then show you how I’ve contended with this Serpent of old.

The war is raging and it’s time I expose my Family’s serpent secrets and how The Reynolds were ensnared by his ways. Long ago, a tradition was started in The Families. It came when a beloved man betrayed His King. The price for his murderous ransom was thirty pieces of silver. My Family are keepers of this silver. For thousands of years these coins were used to strike unholy agreements that bound fortunes to blood, betrayal, and bondage. Each Family who keeps a coin must pass it from father to son. This Coin is passed down as a reminder of the covenant our lineage has with this beast. It is called The Joshua Coin. The Reynolds are taught it is one of the thirty pieces of silver Judas received for betraying Jesus of Nazareth. This Coin possesses the power to grow the fortune it is placed upon, into a Kingdom the Old Families and Religions would covet, but not be able to control.

To a father named Hardin Reynolds were born children; two of whom, Abram and Richard Joshua Reynolds would grow empires of gold out of nothing but dirt. R. J. Reynolds in his workings manifested a Titan of addiction seducing the world with tobacco, drugs and chemicals that would kill and corrupt billions.

Other Secrets revealed to Abram Reynolds taught him how to turn ore from the earth into Aluminum. The Reynolds Aluminum Company would birth the metal used in everything from nuclear submarines to the Reynolds Wrap found in every household. The biproduct and waste of this metal production, Barium, Titanium and fluorides are then sprayed from the skies, sold as prescription medicines or dumped into the drinking water so the world will digest its profitable toxic waste. The metals and their DNA altering bots seep into our bodies making us more and more like the image of iron mixed with clay. By doing so, our Family willfully sought to transform the world into the image of the beast. This was done with very precise and calculated will, intent, and multi-generational purpose.

The power which builds these ‘Illumined’ Bloodlines comes from the practices of Demonology or Goetic Magick. This sorcery involves the invocation of demon’s, gods, and other entities to give you what you desire, the cost in many situations for this power is legal right to innocence of children.

The Reynolds like many other beguiled Families pledged to a fiery serpent called by many Amaruca, but long, long ago he was Gadri’el. (See 1st Enoch 68) He is one of the fallen son’s of God who taught every stroke of death, the shield, the sword and coats of armor. From his hands come forth the Reaper, Death, and Hades follows him. He is the one who demanded the destruction of their children as a price for future sight of industries, the power to raise up monopolies and govern the wills of the people.

The Reynolds learned of his ways from Mounds uncovered in the country which bears his name. Before their rise to monopolistic power, sacrifices were offered by the Family. Coincidental deaths were conceived, in 1862 when three of the Reynolds siblings were murdered when a Small Pox Vaccine killed John, Nancy, and Ernest. Thus, began a new cycle which has cost lives of children for centuries on end. See The Gilded Leaf by Patrick Reynolds for deeper dive into their ways, another man who has come out against the Reynolds Family Trust.

Because of these old curses, coins and covenants I have been waging a war with the dragon I once called my Familiar, my father and friend. This dragon met me like my fathers before in a place of his own choosing where his Crest of death marks a desert town. I was a young man who was deceived by his subtle promises of vengeance, immunity and a power to slay my enemies. I ate of the fruit of his tree of evil. I was seduced by the desire to be like god.

The rite of communion where this sacrificial covenant took place was beneath the ceremonial stones of a cursed Bridge in the desert of Western Arizona. A land which lies on the boundary of Deaths cursed Valley near the border of California. The Bridge is a famous one only to those who walk on left hand paths and sacrifice right hand lies. Its name is The London Bridge, and yes, it’s actually the bridge you’re thinking about.

It is an open secret but one so commonly veiled. The Bridge built in the 1830’s once crossed the River Thames. But in 1967 a Billionaire named Ropert P. McCulloch purchased the bridge where The Royals crossed, in the gilded chariots, which are now held in honor just a hundred yards away. and dissidents were hung by their necks. It was shipped stone by stone from the center of London and reconstructed over a desert wasteland turned green by Rosicrucian blackmail and a Jesuit pledge of protection. The acre of land on which the Bridge was built was given to The City of London making a veritable embassy for Great Britain. This foreign territory makes the it nearly impossible to have crimes investigated and evil to thrive. The spiritual hold over this territory only darkens its design.

It is in Lake Havesu City, Arizona where in 1971 The Lord Mayor of London, Gilbert Inglefield stood in ritual Magic and laid the stone on which London’s Heraldic Dragon was loosed from his chains. The same Mayor who year-after-year receives the giants Gog and Magog in honor when the City of London holds a parade to the gods of old.

This founding of the city was no coincidence. Starting out as a Cross marked runway in the desert between Phoenix, Vegas and Los Angeles it was named Site Six. It soon became used as a rest and recreation site for WWII B-17 bomber crews to have fun no matter what their appetites were. Years later McCulloch bought the base and the land which became Lake Havesu City. Even the Wikipedia article for Site Six, Lake Havesu states R.P. McCulloch desired to make a “Fantasy island” out of the land and build a test center, “for mind control experiments, the MK-interim line of products.”

The London Bridge, and adjoining Island complex, was conceived to provide secret tunneled and private access built into various hotels, houses, waterfront inlets, parishes, and runways. The city grew by allowing cults, rogue military, and religious organizations to come and indulge in unbridled human research, and experimentation. Well placed prosecutors, police, priests, and politicians were there to make sure the secrets stayed buried. Even today it is known for its Spring Break reveling where people with deviant desires can come entice and exploit children and feast on strange flesh.

Families and individuals began to be trafficked to pedophiles and pornography production studios all across its city limits; even the places down by The Bay. These acts of deviance, rape, and murder were recorded and sold as a product of this ‘retirement’ community in the southwest. The highways from California, Nevada, Mexico, Utah and Arizona distributed this modern day Sodomite ideology and practice across the United States.

Cults like Synanon coerced victims into sexual deviance of the worst kind and ultimately began to train assassins in Syndo martial arts. These agents dubbed ‘the Imperial Marines,’ then infiltrated the ranks of governments, corporations and communities alike. Their tactics for control relied on hypnosis, coercion and threats to blackmail investigators, business partners, and anyone deemed a Suppressive Person.

Paul Morantz, a man who fought for decades to expose these criminals of Havesu, was rewarded with rattlesnakes placed in his mailbox. Their rattles had been removed so they would not be detected. He survived the attempted murder yet has been in many ways successfully silenced in the media abroad. All the while the cult members slither their way into groups like the Knights of Columbus, where they change names and move into more profitable child-rich waters.

To this day the Governor of Arizona, pastors, politicians, princes, and cardinals stand on this Dragon Crested Bridge when they give medals and awards honoring citizens who’ve sold the most lies, authored the greatest confusion, or molested the most altar boys. By doing so they make sure to appease the people who know all too many incriminating details about where the bodies stay buried with the secrets held in state. The details of which may have been published and will continue to be published by the survivors of their crimes. The victims who once had no way to fight back have learned there is more power in the pen than the swords once drenched in vengeance.

The reason I publicly reveal this information is because I am able to confirm: the first clue I’d left in my book Snatched From The Flames has been verified. To those who do not know, in the beginning of my book I inform the readers of a map tucked within my book that hid the locations, places, and identities of many of the true dragons hiding in plain site.


As to who discovered the first clue, you know who you are and I thank you for your tenacious commitment to connect the dots of darkness burning in the Southwest. Forts of Gold may soon be next. As per what is promised in the final chapters of my book, I will release Part One of information documented before the locations could be burned, victims silenced, and cornerstones smudged into mud flooded history. My Family’s agreements with those dragons and devils is no longer one of my choosing. A Dead man’s switch can finally be thrown.

May you rest in peace Jarrett Griemel, your death was not in vein and no amount of non-combat related accidents will cover up their crimes. Everything they have done in secret will be brought to the light.

Perhaps the days of fishing for the souls of mankind are drawing to their end.

“Behold I am sending forth many fishers declares Yahweh, and they shall catch them. And after them, I will send for many Hunters who will hunt them down in their mountains their tunnels, bunkers, caves and secret retreats.”

Jeremiah 16:16 put to words the days we are living in. Those once wounded wolves are needed to hunt down the sycophantic serpents hiding in plain site. It is time we wage war for the souls of even the monsters masquerading as men and make sure they too know they will be held accountable. Sincerely telling them if they turn from their wickedness they too can be redeemed.

I am not afraid of their familiar tunnels and now it’s time to teach you all how to fight in this Underworld. I pray these words remind you the battle we wage is not, and will never fully be, with flesh and blood, but with the cosmic powers, architects and orchestrators of evil, the spiritual wickedness which rules above us in astral places and State Capitals alike. These are the words of my testimony and I pray each of you will do likewise. You never know when the morning you wake up may be your last. I surely didn’t see Death coming to rip out my throat on the night of Pentecost a few weeks ago.

They did not kill me in June on the side of the road like they planned to. For my God is a refuge and a fortress. In Him I rest, trusting He will deal justly and vindicate me from the those who seek my destruction.

All that being said, I am not ashamed to say their death stroke nearly took me out of this fight. My body was broken, ruined, and ravaged like the days of my youth. Dozens of my tendons and ligaments were twisted, stretched to breaking, eighteen ribs bruised some far worse than others. My back and stomach muscles were torn open and my intestines herniated in places all across my abdomen and sides. Not to mention the ravaged flesh of my face from my left eye to my jaw line.

My wife and young daughter were thankfully not present, but instead were left without an able body father, husband, and provider for weeks on end. Mercifully, they were not left with a funeral instead. The additional unbelievably expensive bills have not crushed us but they have bled us dry in an all too familiar, sometimes fearful way. Even still, my wife took courage in The Father’s truth, while I took to hiding in pain and anger. She continued to remind me to not give up, to not grow weary when I was changing gauze and crying every time I sneezed, to be thankful for His mercy instead of bitter at a dragon’s revenge.

Less than two weeks before the ‘accident’ which left me nearly dead, threats were made and warnings issued from the Dragons throat. This came in retaliation for what I had spoken at a conference in Canada where I exposed criminals who cover their tracks with bodies instead of owning up to their crimes. Chelsea and I made a decision when we started this exposition of secrets. We put our faith wholly in The Most High God. We entrusted ourselves to His hands and still do today. No matter the cost. For we do not live apart from His will and mercy and believe the truth is always the right reason to be hated, villainized, and marked for death.

We will continue to fight on, no matter the cost, and I ask you dear reader to join us in our battle. To link arms with us in prayer, purpose, and dedication to the truth. Do not give up when the fire of the Enemy burns down your house, devours your marriage or seeks to consume your children. Stand firm dear warrior, with your feet planted in the foundations of peace. Do not let this world steal your love for the wounded, your compassion for the corrupt, or your mercy for the monsters who once coerced you or led you astray.

Light a candle of hope and keep it ever burning because the army of The Remnant will not be found in pews of pervasion or non-denominational churches of selfish indifference. The true warrior sheep are hiding under the pelts of the wolves they’d once been… ever eager to snatch another Family Tree from the fires of inescapable justice. But you be careful lest you fall into the snare of believing blood, hate, and death will be the answer to their detestable things.

To my brothers and sisters still lost in their fires, let these words be remembered. Let them kindle in your heart a restless courage to face down the monsters within and without. Think often of Joshua and Caleb who stood stronger in their old age than ever they were as young men. The war is long but His strength is unending and He will never fail you, but you must call upon His Name while there is yet time. . . The trumpets may soon blow and the walls of Jericho you’ve hidden within will fall down flat.

So, before you flee like Rahab, the righteous underground trafficker, make sure to discern how to bring those caches of evidence with you dispersing them to the places of exposition marked long ago. Kindle the beacons of revelation for it’s time the world sees what our seed has been doing in darkness. For there have always been agents of redemption raised alongside archons of death.

Do not give in, beloved reader, to the doubts or sorrow but take hope in the promises of our King. He does not grow weary and He will not fail us in our hour of need. I am alive and my heart is still beating because great is His faithfulness, and the prayers of people who stood in my defense. It is these truths which brought me back to life.

To each of you who fed us, sheltered us, gave us places to hide from the madness all around we thank you. Suze, I thank you for showing me the power of faith. To Cordell and all those who grew up in their pits of violence where absent ‘fathers’ taught us life through fast fists, harsh words, and sharp blades. To Austin, for counting me worthy to hide in that hole when the others were blown away.

And of course, to Savannah. Thank you for teaching a soldier how to fight for his future, his family and the people who need to delivered. The enemy never wastes his limited munitions on the dead but rather he targets the bold leaders who step out of the trenches and turn his prized weapons into double agents. Though the sharks may smell our blood in the water, it will only lead them to their own undoing.

Be courageous now for soon the storms will blow. When the world’s eyes are finally opened to the rings of child-exploiting psychopaths hiding in seats of power all around. They will call for blood and death and ‘justice’ like the French did hundreds of years ago. But the answer is not a guillotine and riots of regret. Rather, careful deliberate actions must be taken to make sure the guilty are not able to escape by our dissociative rage.

Instead, the world will call for people who know how to turn personal abuse vendettas into a worldwide Judge Dredd. Soon our screens will be bombarded with greater problems, managed reactions and orchestrated ‘solutions.’ Solutions like an organization of people who will avenge these crimes by investigation, interrogation and ultimately killing the monsters of the earth.

The reward for this great culling will be hundreds of trillions of dollars of multi-generational blood-born wealth. This wealth will fund the most extravagant age man has ever seen. A new golden age shining with the radiance of deceptive light. The demand for justice will be so great the world itself will vomit up the keys to their own escape. The devilish solutions to this great evil will subtly lead them to demand a New World Court like the Palace of Peace in Astana, Kazakhstan or The Israeli Supreme Court building in Israel.

This system will be used to encircle the international cabals of chaos with a fiery serpent out of which a new Phoenix will rise. It will be A New World Order for The Ages engineered and orchestrated by Magicians and Theosophists of the order of Alan Moore, Aleister Crowley, Edward Bernays, Helena Blavatsky, and Himmler. Where men like Nicholas Roerich who placed that all elusive eye on the dollar bill and built Geomancy-charged Master skyscrapers for ritual spells to be broadcast across their New Atlantis. Broadcasts that echo to this day across our black scrying screens we call phones, tablets, and televisions. The message of the Muses manipulating the innocent masses who would brick by brick build The Rebels tower once again. Be careful, dear reader, lest you be found full of the strange fires of those Gnostic thieves and end up like Nadab and Abihu. (Leviticus 10)

Be humble even as your wisdom and understanding grows. Have mercy and patience on those who doubt your words and seek to discredit you for your new found hope. Do not let this world steal another moment of your time but instead be sovereign to your convictions, your home, land, Covenant, and tribe. Be slow to anger and quick to listen even if their testimonies are inconceivable and worse than you can imagine. Let us not be keepers of hypocritic-El oaths, non-existent NDA’s and Compartmentalized classifications of secrets which ensure corporate criminals, religious rapists and government goat worshippers are thriving. Today’s whistleblowers pay less with blood and more with pen strokes, legal reprisals, and frenzied character assassinations. So do not waver from your commitment to see this through to the end.

Stand firm when those fiery arrows rain down. Let your belief shield you, let the truth hold your hope together. May you be guarded by the righteousness of our King. He will vindicate you in due time. Remember, do not fear the ones who can kill the body, but fear the one who can destroy your body and soul in a fire that does not come from iniquity.

Let us not battle against brothers and sisters who are still on their way towards a Narrow Walk. Read the book of Judges, James, and Jude to fuel your fight with love for enemies and neighbors instead of being like Cain and the rebel angels bound by the Mark of hated. Test the spirits always and follow the words of John in his first letter written for times such as this.

I hope you will pray for us and for all those who are in this fight. Pray for those of us who daily go behind enemy lines, infiltrating their meetings, capturing the evidence, and individuals who long to be free. Support those who you believe are bringing forth good fruit and cover them with encouragement, mercy, and patience. Share the truth no matter the cost, for by doing so we will, when it is all said and done, slay the Dragons of Old.


  1. To follow along with Chelsea, Naomi and the new Reynolds family head on over to It is there you can see videos, pictures and some of the timely blog posts which bring to light many of the things left out of this book.
  2. Here are the Prayers to help assist those who are seeking better blueprints on their journey into faith, deliverance, and overcoming The Enemy’s ways.

Prayers for Release

Developed by Mary Lou Lake

Author of “What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know –
Expanded Edition.”

© Copyright 2015 & Updated 2017 by Mary Lou Lake All
Rights Reserved. These prayers may be freely shared in their unaltered state.

Kingdom Intelligence Briefing

A Ministry of Biblical Life Assembly

PO Box 588 | Marshfield, MO 65706-0588

KIB Website:

BLA Website:


Father, I declare that You are the One True God, the Most High God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I ask You to forgive my sins and cleanse me of all unrighteousness, create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. I plead the blood of Jesus over my eyes and ears and over the eyes and ears of my family, so we can see and hear truth, and I ask You to shield us from all forms of mind control that can enter the eye gates and ear gates. I declare that we have access to the whole armor of God according to Ephesians 6; our loins are girt about with truth, and our feet are shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. We have the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation and the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. As we commit our works unto You, our thoughts will be established according to Proverbs 16:3. Father, I ask You to apply the blood of Jesus to any doors that I have open to the enemy that I am unaware of, and I ask You to reveal these doors to me so they can be closed forever.

I take the authority that Jesus gave me over all the power of the enemy according to Luke 10:19. I stand upon Your Word in Matthew 16:19 that I have been given the keys to the Kingdom and what I bind on Earth will be bound in Heaven, and what I loose on Earth will be loosed in Heaven. I take authority over the kingdom of darkness in every plain of existence that has access to me, and I bind the power of the enemy to affect me or my family, and I loose the power of the Kingdom of God to form impenetrable shields in every dimension — above, below and all around, in the name of Jesus.

I stand upon the promise in Your Word that says that no weapon formed against me shall prosper, according to Isaiah 54:17. I stand upon the 91st Psalm that no evil shall befall me, neither shall any plague come nigh my dwelling. The 91st Psalm also promises that Your holy angels have been given charge over me and my family to keep us in all our ways. Father, I ask You to send extra angels for reinforcement during times of spiritual warfare, in Jesus’ name.

Father, I ask You to forgive the sins of all of my ancestors (and the ancestors of my children and grandchildren), and I plead the blood of Jesus over my DNA and the DNA of all of my descendants, which cleanses our bloodlines of all iniquity. I bind the power of any generational or familiar spirits to attach or influence us, and I loose the power of the Kingdom of God within us and around us as we keep Your commandments. I declare that our family is free to walk in the blessings of Deuteronomy 28.

I ask You to forgive the sins of all individuals being used by the enemy to combat our family (and ministry). I ask You to forgive the sins of all of their ancestors, and I plead the blood of Jesus over their bloodlines all the way to the DNA level, breaking the power of iniquity. I ask You to break all of their occult power to the highest levels, making it impossible for them to be used by the kingdom of darkness to harm anyone. I ask You to save their souls, deliver and heal them. I plead the blood of Jesus over every action and every word spoken against me and my family, nullifying the demonic power. I command any evil spirits sent on assignment against me and my family to return to the place they were sent from. I bind these spirits from harming those that sent them, but I pray that their defeat in their mission would serve as a testimony of Your greatness and the victory that Jesus won for believers, in Jesus’ name. Father, I ask You to remove my DNA and the DNA of my family from any hair, blood or any other contact object in the hands of the enemy and break all conduits to our physical bodies, in Jesus’ name.

Father, I ask You to forgive the sins that have allowed technology to be used as a weapon against Your creation. I ask You to place shields between me and my family and all broadcasts of the enemy through the airways, TVs, computers, phone lines, electric lines and satellites. I stand upon the promises in Your Word that You are our shield. I ask You to purify our air, water and food, in Jesus’ name. Father, I ask You to forgive the sins done on the roadways, railroad tracks, and waterways. I ask You to forgive the sins of any individuals or groups that have adopted the roadways, and I ask You to break any occult connections that would give power to the kingdom of darkness. Father, I ask You to provide divine protection during any modes of transportation. I ask You to surround our vehicles with Your holy angels to insure safe travel, in Jesus’ name. Father, lead me in paths of righteousness today and attune my ears to Your voice that I may follow You. I ask You to fill me with a hunger for your Word, that I may know You more. I give You all of my praise, my worship, the honor and the glory, in Jesus’ name.


Father, I declare that You are the God of our evenings as well as our days. I stand upon Psalm 91:5, 6 — Thou shalt not be afraid of the terror by night or the arrow that flieth by day; nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. I plead the blood of Jesus over my family. I come into agreement with the promises in Your Word that my family is blessed physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I ask You to put impenetrable shields around our property, with armies of Your holy angels standing guard. I ask You to forgive the sins that have been done in the surrounding area, and I command the kingdom of darkness to clear our airways, grounds, and underneath, in Jesus’ name. Father, I bind any demons from entering our property. I ask You to forgive the sins that have enabled astral travel and I ask You to block that activity. I ask You to place hedges of protection around our family that humans cannot penetrate, either physically or through astral projection. I loose the power of the Kingdom of God to break the power of satanic surveillance. Father, I ask You to send Your holy angels to roadblock any attacks from the enemy. Father, because of Your faithfulness, we can go to sleep with full assurance that You are watching over us through the night. We ask all of these things in the Mighty Name of Jesus.


Father, I ask You to forgive all of the sins of our ancestors. I ask You to cover our bloodlines all the way to the DNA level with the blood of Jesus, and I ask You to send the blood of Jesus over the spiritual lines connecting us to those that we share DNA with, blocking any familiar spirits coming to us. We declare that Jesus paid the price for us to be free of every generational curse, and we take our authority over all the power of the enemy according to Luke 10:19 and stand upon Matthew 16:19 that what we bind on Earth will be bound in Heaven and what we loose on Earth will be loosed in Heaven. We bind every familiar spirit and generational spirit that has attached to our family because of the iniquity on our bloodlines, and we command them to leave us, in Jesus’ name. We loose the power of the Kingdom of God within us and around us, and we ask for restoration of all that Satan has stolen through these generational doorways (including our health, resources, joy and peace), in Jesus’ name. FREEMASONRY: I recommend visiting for further prayers specifically designed for Freemasons and their descendants.


Father, I repent for every ungodly soul tie that I have made through sexual union. I apply the blood of Jesus to the soul tie that I made with ____________. I ask You to sever the cord connecting me to this person with the Sword of the Spirit. I bind any demonic attachments that came to me, and I command them to leave me, in Jesus’ name. I loose the power of the Kingdom of God within me and around me to restore what was damaged by this soul tie. I ask You to seal the severed cord with the blood of Jesus, so it can never be connected again, and I ask You to remove any foreign DNA from my body, in Jesus’ name. Father, I ask You to deliver every person from any spirits that were transferred to them from me, in Jesus’ name.


Father, I submit myself to You, spirit, soul and body, and I am so grateful for the price that Jesus paid to make me whole. I ask You to forgive the sins of my abusers, and I ask You to sever all soul ties with them. I command any spirits that passed through the soul ties to leave me, in the name of Jesus, and I ask You to seal those severed cords with the blood of Jesus. As an act of my will, I choose to forgive every individual that has harmed me, in Jesus’ name. I take authority over my mind, and I bind gatekeepers and watchers and break their power over me, in the name of Jesus. I loose the power of the Kingdom of God within me and around me, to overtake and override every plot and scheme of the enemy to hold me captive, in Jesus’ name. Father, I ask You to impart to me the anointing that destroys every yoke of bondage. I thank You for the promise of a sound mind in 2 Timothy 1:7.

Father, I ask You to forgive the sins done to me that defiled Your Name, Your Word, and Your House, and I ask You to restore the truth of who You are to every part of my being. Father, I ask You to judge every demonic force that has been a part of my captivity since I was a child and deliver me. I plead the blood of Jesus over every ritual performed and every oath, vow, contract and covenant made connecting me to the kingdom of darkness, and I ask You to set me free and bring me under the protection of Your Kingdom. Father, when I was a child I was taken against my will, but I now have authority through Jesus over my tormentors, and I command them to let me go, in Jesus’ name. According to Psalm 142:7, I pray: Bring my soul out of prison, that I may praise thy name.

Father, I ask You to make every doorway to blocked memories one-way doors, and I plead the blood of Jesus into every area of my mind. I ask You to override any mind control programming that has been used as a weapon against me, as I stand upon Your Word in Isaiah 54:17 that no weapon formed against me shall prosper. I ask You to show me anything that I need to see to be free, but I ask that the overwhelming emotions would be buffered, to allow me to come to grips with the truth without further trauma. I place my healing in Your hands, and I place my trust in You.

I bind any demons that are a part of my programming, and I loose the Spirit of Truth to counter and eradicate from my mind spirits of doubt and deception, in Jesus’ name. I ask forgiveness for the sins that caused my mind to fragment, and I command the past to let me go. Because You fill all space and time, I ask You to pour anointing oil on every fragment of my mind at the time that the splitting occurred. I claim the manifested healing and deliverance at this present time, and I declare that I am not a child anymore; I am free to mature to my present age with restored peace and joy. I claim restoration of the years that Satan has stolen from me. I claim back my health, my resources, and my future, in Jesus’ name.

I declare that I am a child of the King of the Universe, and I choose to follow the One True God and declare that I have been set free from the kingdom of darkness, in Jesus’ name. I renounce all connections to Satanism, witchcraft, Druidism, and all other factions of the occult. Teach me Your ways so I can walk circumspectly before You each day, in Jesus’ name. Father, I ask You to forgive every sin done by every fragment of my being, including involvement in the occult. I renounce these powers and bind Satan’s ability to use me in any way. I loose the sanctifying power of the blood of Jesus to cover any gifts that You have given me, so I can flow in a pure stream of the Holy Spirit. Father, I repent for any forbidden activities, such as astral projection, and I take authority over my vessel and forbid any demons, humans, or mind control program to cause me to leave my body.

I ask You to forgive the sins of every individual that I have been connected to in the occult, and I ask You to sever all connections so that I can never be accessed again, in Jesus’ name. I ask You to forgive the sins that allowed fragment exchanges between me and any other person, and I bind any demons connected to these exchanges. I ask You to block any humans with pernicious intent from contacting me. I ask You to hide any brain wave identification and block all satanic surveillance, in Jesus’ name. Father, place hedges of protection around me and surround me with armies of Your holy angels to block all activity directed against me in the spiritual or physical realms, in Jesus’ name. I take authority over and command every part of my being to stay within my physical body. Father, I place my sleep state in Your hands and trust You to keep me safe. Father, I ask You to reveal any additional information that is essential for my healing, in Jesus’ name.

Recommended Reads
  1. Genesis and The Synchronized, Biblically Endorsed, Extra-Biblical Texts, by Rob Skiba, Copyright 2013 by King’s Gate Media, LLC,
  2. What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know (Expanded Edition) by Mary Lou Lake, Copyright 2014 by Biblical Life Publishing,
  3. A Thousand Shall Fall, by Susi Hasel Mundy, Copyright 2001 by Review and Herald Publishing Association
  4. Shadow of The Almighty, The Life and Testament of Jim Elliot, by Elisabeth Elliot, Copyright 1958 by Elisabeth Elliot
  5. Tortured for Christ, Richard Wurmbrand, Copyright 1967 by The Voice of the Martyrs, Inc.
  6. From Victims to Victors Through the Cross of Jesus Christ, by David L. & Donna M. Carrico, Copyright 1997
  7. Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy, by Eric Metaxas, Copyright 2010 by Thomas Nelson Publishing