Chapter Thirteen: Family Secrets Revealed

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The Underground’s Ruling Families like the one I was born into have spent a tremendous amount of time and resources perfecting ways to ensure their secrets are kept. The Secrets as they refer to them are not ever to be shared with those who are born outside of the Chosen Lines. In these secretive upper echelons of society, the preeminent focus and determining factor in one’s life is not necessarily from the choices you make but rather who your ancestors are that gave you life. Genealogies and Marital Bloodlines are the most sacred and revered doctrines. One who is born outside of these specific and chosen bloodlines is perceived as something of a sub-species or a ‘lesser’ being if you will. Often these people are referred to as Goyim, Uninitiated, Outsiders, Useless Eaters or Cattle. The Hebrew word Goyim contains at its root the idea of “the nations” or “those outside.” The world is slowly being indoctrinated into this ideology through the revised worship of Muggles, halfbreeds, or pure bloods.

This doctrine is heavily reinforced, as the Bloodline Families believe they have The Divine Right to Rule as given to them by their ancestors who were the gods of old. The Nephilim, those offspring prodigies of the fallen angels of Genesis 6:4 who came down in the days of Jared and left their heavenly estate so that they could procreate with the daughters of men (2 Peter, Jude), these fallen Watcher Angels taught humankind forbidden secret knowledge such as sorcery and enchantment, root cutting to produce hallucinatory substances that allowed the user to travel into their realms. Other fallen watchers taught mankind the making of weapons, astrology, make-up beauty masks, sacred geometry, and the communing with spirits through mediums, divination, and meditation as outlined in the biblically endorsed books of Enoch 1, Jasher, and Jubilees. This hidden wisdom or Gnosis was scattered at Nimrod’s tower and birthed the mystery religions. The pineal crown of The Rulers over so many of these beliefs is the doctrines of Gnosticism, which is the many-headed hydra of deception.

This mingling of outside entities injected a literal seed of The Dragon into the bloodlines of humankind as prophesized to Adam in the Garden of Eden. (Gen 3:15) This injection of outside genetics led to the corruption of all flesh and to complete and total wickedness before The Father brought The Great Flood to start again. (Gen. 6:1-22, 10:1-10) These Nephilim and their later offspring of The Rephaim, The Anakim and others, carried in their blood a marker of ‘the gods or in Hebrew the Elohim’ These beings became the gods of mythology like Poseidon, Athena, Hercules, and Thor who once more have gained cult followings. The practice of deifying people into godhood carried on with the pharaohs, kings, and emperor’s even presidents, popes and priests whose bloodline could be traced to these Fallen Ones or their progeny.

For thousands of years, these ruling Bloodline Families have carried on the practice of interbreeding, genetic modification, and intermarrying to ensure their “divine purity.” At its most debased and realistic level this has lead to the keeping of oaths sworn through incest, murder, and hate.

In recent days the phrase, “The Illuminati,” has flooded our culture. This, in fact, refers not just to Adam Weishaupt’s 18th century secretive order but the more profound truth abides in The Illumined Bloodlines. By nature, Bloodline Families are not something people can join apart from being born with the blood in their veins. This does not mean Families will not allow goyim to serve within their ranks or even on rare occasions be allowed to intermarry through Sion or the grafting in of an outsider. However, the bringing in of powerful or influential outsiders is done only after an extensive selection and interview process. It then requires contractual agreements more abhorrent then you can imagine.

The Families believe the purer their blue-blood is, the greater their ability to move with power, the force of will and control. For those interested in a more excellent in-depth analysis of this and the end times implications, I highly suggest all people read through the superb series by Dr. Michael Lake starting with The Shinar Directive and The Sheeriyth Imperative (www. As well as Gary Wayne’s book The Genesis 6 Conspiracy (www.genesis6conspiracy. com.). Another excellent resource for research is the published works of Johnny Cirucci’s in The Illuminati Unmasked, Secret History, and Eaters of Children The Pedocracy Exposed. ( I also can’t recommend enough the work of Dr. Stephen Pidgeon both on his blog, videos at

These dynastic Families have perfected the art of hiding in plain site, such as those of the Rex Deus or The Dragon Bloodlines of Europe like the Scythians or the Lees of China. In doing this they have passed on not only what they believe to be The Divine Seed but also The Secrets and hidden wisdom only to the initiates they believe are worthy to receive it. My Family and the ancestors of my bloodlines selected specific individuals within their own Families to carry The Secrets or to be Guardians who ensure The Secrets are protected at all cost. They are the ones who “Keep Houses” and ensure The Dynasty and Estate is well maintained. This was my main function for the Brotherhoods of Illuminists like the Masons and Mormons. Furthermore The Jesuits and Serpent Cults chose to contract out many of my ‘services’ leading to the black projects groups within the military.

As a child, I was made to partake as a spiritual conduit in the darkest of rituals where these divine Familial exchanges, contracts, and communications were conceived and conspired. While I grew, the use of my blade outpaced my childish bodies usefulness during rituals, and thus I was transferred into The Underworld of killing, torture, and control. I was made to “Keep The Secrets” for nearly three decades of my life. I was born into the darkness of secrecy, threats, and blackmail. I was raised in a world where Black Dragons give orders and Assets dance like marionettes. The place where corporations controlling The Colony’s of The British Empire mingle with professional compromisers like the Special Executive Services Programs to build and control military’s and nations across the earth.

There was a time I was seduced by its glamor, by its illustrious appeals but once you have been served up as ‘dessert’ for the pedophilic desires of State visiting dignitaries you can’t stand to lust for their power or status. I have come to hate evil and, instead, I choose to come to the light and let all mankind see my deeds. The hard truth is that most fear the Enemy but I cannot and will not live another day in silence, and it is time to expose their works of darkness. (John 3:19-21)

It is time all people can learn the truth of how these kingdoms operate and how these families can control so many individuals. They have three primary methods with which they enforce and enact their will on this earth.

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