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There are several ways to join us in our mission to equip and empower survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Mind Control to find healing, restoration, and freedom. First and foremost, we believe in the extraordinary power of targeted united prayer to The One True God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It is by His Spirit and through The Authority of The Resurrected King, we can and will continue to see deliverance and hope brought to all, who call upon His Name. We hunger and diligently seek your faith-filled prayers to engage with The Most High in this increasingly needed and vital mission. The second critical way for you to become a partner with us is to subscribe to the blog, then share our videos, blog posts or website with all you can via social media, word of mouth, or the underutilized written word. Survivors are in the greatest need of supporting, understanding, educated friends, families, and communities. By you sharing this message it brings us one step closer to seeing the broken made whole. It is by the work of our Redeemer, and your generous support survivors will finally be able to do the mighty things they were made to do. If you’d like to contribute monetarily to our vision of seeing the captives set free, please click the donate button below, no amount is too small to make an impact. Another way you can partner with our mission is to allow us the opportunity to earn your gourmet coffee and tea business, along with our other excellent health-related products. If you are interested in blessing us in this way while receiving superb products, click here. We pray you will become bold and courageous enough to speak the truth, no matter the cost, to all you can. With our utmost love and appreciation for your continued generosity and support.
        -Nathan and Chelsea

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