Lighting the Fuse

How long have you hidden in the shadows? How long have you buried your face in the sands of ignorance, hoping the horrors of this world would pass you by? The days of running and hiding from the raw reality of the world are drawing to their climatic close. So I ask you, where will you be found when the inky fingers of monsters claw their way out of the shadows, and seek to destroy the souls of mankind? Would you be willing to shine a light of hope into the darkest of nights? Would you be willing to defend the innocent, strengthen the weak, and breath courage into the lungs of cowards? Will you boldly press forward when all others turn and run back to their miserable Monday morning living?

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Now is the time for each of us to make a decision, which will change the course of our world. There is a battle coming, which cannot be stopped. The only variable, yet to be determined, is which Kingdom you choose to fight against, and which King you choose to defend. As its been written, “Choose you this day who you will serve; whether the ways of this world or The Way of The Redeemer.”

This day on the 15th of August 2018 I choose to press forward in the face of insurmountable odds. I choose to publish the words of this testimony for the entire world to see. With these words written I will launch myself into the heart of darkness. I do so knowing all too well, it is where the greatest number of captive souls are waiting to be rescued. They are held in prisons of bitterness, lust, and loss. The wounded souls of millions are trapped in the shadows of fear, failure, and regret. Desperately waiting to be remembered, waiting to be seen, waiting to be loved and shown The Way out.

Will you dear reader be willing to light a candle of hope against the darkness of despair? Will you be willing to stand between the perishing and their eternal graves? Will you love your enemies enough to tell them the truth? Will you overturn the tables of corruption, which have infected our churches, cathedrals, and corporate offices? Will you expose what has been done in darkness to the light of redemption? Will you be the one who passed over the bleeding man on the side of the road, or will you rescue him with a word of encouragement, a meal of meaning, or new clothes that cover his shame? Will you remember that murders, liars, and whores are just as hungry to be loved, cherished, and adored? For have we not all been enemies of The Merciful One?

It is by His mercy and not my own I write these words and publish this confessional. I do so, understanding the ramifications of what comes next. From this day forward for the next 42 weeks I will release a chapter of our book Snatched From The Flames. I do this so that all the world can see there is still a beacon of hope calling us lost sheep, wounded wolves, and gutted goats home.

With the typing of this final coded sequence a fuse has been lit that cannot be extinguished. It will burn with ferocious intensity through the muck and mire of mediocrity, madness, and murder. It will find its way past the pits of pervasion so many called home and offer them a glimpse of The Author of Life. It will silence the songs of suffering and turn them into shouts of laughter, joy, and praise.

As the chapters are released, one after another they will inch that fuse closer towards the climatic conclusion of The War of The Ages. For the kings of the earth will soon shudder, tremble, and call for the rocks to hide them from fury and wrath of The Holy One.

No matter what they do to try and stop it, these chapters will come forth. With their release will come the exposure of a map which will lead some of you to the places those bodies were buried, and lives were lost. At the end of it all they will lead you to the place where hope was found hiding in the ashes of grief, repentance, and belief. May you never forget there is still yet a life worth fighting for, even if you think it’s not your own. Come and see there is goodness, laughter, and peace waiting for all who are willing to seek Him with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

So, what comes next? How will you decipher the clues and discover where the breadcrumbs will lead? You read The Forward slowly, Chapter One and then Chapter Two. Before you know it, you will begin to see pieces of a puzzle falling into place. With each successive release will come access to answers and secrets so few have ever been allowed to possess. No matter what, you must remember He knows the beginning from the end. So, I hope you will study His words and you too will learn the truth, which set this wounded wolf free. Free to become a friend and not a foe, a father and not a forsaker of hope.

Never forget this one thing,
“The Righteous are as bold as lions, but the wicked flee when no one chases them.”

So let the cowards run into their covens, caves, and bunkers beneath the dirt. They will not hide you from The Hunters of His Truth. The days of the fishers of men are drawing to a close. The night is nearly upon us when darkness will cover the earth and the gods of starry light above, will come falling down off their towers of rebellion. Will you be found among their ranks of rebellion or will you be found among the remnant of righteous sons and daughters who seek to save that, which was lost. Now is time for the deeds of darkness to be revealed for all to see. My Name is Nathan Reynolds and I have been Snatched From The Flames.

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