Have you ever been given a treasure so precious you hid it away? Maybe you peeled back the layers of carpet and crammed it between concrete and foam. Perhaps you wrote of its location, this great pearl, in an old journal, which is now lost in the boxes marked, “ATTIC SPACE.” Or maybe you grew up in a home where gifts weren’t hidden but were cherished, cultivated, and allowed to grow into… Read More

What do you do when the face in the mirror is suddenly marred by claws of a dragon who’s hunted you from the days of your youth? Who do you call when your bleeding out on the side of a highway after our enemy’s retaliation found its target? The throbbing of noise is a thunderous bellow of madness. The darkness of the night is suddenly rent open by phosphorous bulbs exploding, launching… Read More

To follow along with Chelsea, Naomi and the new Reynolds family head on over to It is there you can see videos, pictures and some of the timely blog posts which bring to light many of the things left out of this book. Here are the Prayers to help assist those who are seeking better blueprints on their journey into faith, deliverance, and overcoming The Enemy’s ways. Prayers for Release Developed… Read More