Chapter Fourteen: The Three Methods of Control

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The First Method is Fear

Fear is the primary tool used to manipulate and control individuals both within the Bloodline Families and those who abide outside the chosen genealogies. I do not have to give you a crash course on fear as I am sure some of you were terrified just to read this book or hear someone even talk about Luciferianism or ritual abuse. Every individual who has ever sought out the truth has inevitably run into the most potent tools of The Families. As you drive closer to understanding the reality of our fallen world, you too will experience this fear. This world is designed to control your emotions, be they lust, greed, envy, or hatred but the one it seeks to invoke most readily is our fears.

There are so many fears that control us and fuel The Kingdom of The Rulers of Darkness; fears of being rejected, fears of death, fears of people’s opinion or running out of money, contracting Alzheimer’s or cancer before we die. Remember though: perfect love casts out fear. It was the perfect love of The Great Redeemer that drove Him to overcome the temptations in the desert with the Word of God and the impossible anguish He experienced in the Garden of Gethsemane. The Kingdom of Heaven is powered by the limitless source code of life itself, The Holiness of Yahweh. His perfect set apart nature is the essence of His Kingdom’s power, and that is where Messiah drew His strength and so too must we.

The Second Method is Guilt

There is no easy way to say it. The Adversary often called The Satan earns his title through the relentless beguiling of the hearts and minds of humanity that they are guilty and for no matter what it may be, lying, cheating, stealing, or murder. Sometimes the accusations are true, other times they are not. He is not afraid of quoting the Word of God nor are his servants averse to using it as well. Instead, they like their father are experts with the serpents forked tongue of godly truth interlaced with subtle lies. He has taught his servants the mastery of this tactic. It is used as a point of leverage so that a lesser opponent can control the one who is stronger. It is a lever placed on our hearts to steer us in the direction of the accuser’s choosing.

Within The Families, Brotherhoods, and elite circles, there is a tremendous amount of effort placed in compromising individuals whether it is through sex, bribes, drugs, pedophilia, or blackmail. If ever someone who’d been compromised steps outside of their chosen position, this lever is placed, and pressure is applied. All too often this is where the internal wars are waged. These are the battles where people decide to stay in The Underworld rather than expose their deeds to the light of redemption.

One East Coast bishop used to teach us,

“People are straightforward to control. Everybody has a price; if they’ve not agreed to your terms, you must offer them more. If finding their price doesn’t work, find their vice. Find the little chink in their armor and learn to control it. Then it’s as a simple as a bridle in a horse’s mouth: with just the smallest pressure they will move where you tell them.”

The Third Method is Shame

Shame is the power to bind. The constriction around our gifts, talents and calling for our lives is always shame. Self-condemnation for the things we’ve done, failed to do, or failed to prevent from happening. Shame rules in the darkness of our hearts and ensures we do not step out and speak the truth, confess our deeds to one another, and find the healing He had for us. It prevents us from walking in the freedom, authority or anointing of The Messiah. The cure to shame comes when we surrender, stretch out our hands, and grab hold of The Great Physician.

The woman The Adversary had bound for 18 years with a bleeding disorder was not loosed by spending all her money on The Oath swearing doctors and physicians of her world, or by hiding in the shadows of shame. She was loosed from her bondage the day she boldly stepped into the light of day and grabbed onto the Tzitzis of Jesus, the tassels where His Healing was waiting. Those tassels were outward signs of the covenant Yahweh had with His people promising blessings if they obeyed His Instructions. (Num. 15:37-39) The power filled grace of the Redeemer for His obedience flowed into the shame-bound woman and loosed her from that devilish binding and gave her healing instead. (Mark 5:25-34) The Enemy was defeated when she stepped out of her secrets and reached out in faith. It is time I do the same.

What I am going to share with you now are some of The Secrets my Family has guarded for generations. It is sacred knowledge they protect with magically charged curses, rings lords of power, and sharpened assassins steel. It is the bloody cornerstones upon which their empires are built.

Just as in the days of Pre-Flood Cyclopean Masonry modern Families must start their empire by building their walls with the backs, bones and blood of their children. Those who walk in this needlessly glamorized and spiritually sexualized Underworld give their children up to be turned into slaves. The creation of those slaves is sophisticated, sadistic, and systemic.

Long gone are the days of experimentation and guesswork. No, these families like so many of the Nazi scientists brought over after WWII in Operation Paperclip like Mengele, Rudolph, and Schreiber have taken their dark sciences to the bodies and souls of the young and innocent. The Families are not seeking traditional slaves with chains and shackles. Instead, they create slaves who love their servitude and are loyal to the point of death to their “masters.” Those who are born into this world are quickly and decisively passed through the black fires of madness until they submit to their new masters.

But this begs the question. How do you create willing slaves? The method to their madness is not pretty. After The Family selects a child often long before their birth, they are intentionally abused, traumatized, and defiled until they dissociate or fracture their soul. No normal person can survive the types of abuse and trauma, which are inflicted. They cannot fight back or overpower their abusers physically, so the fight reflex is left incapacitated, and the flight reflex takes over. The need to escape the torment becomes insatiable. It consumes the mind until a solution is offered: run away internally, run inside the mind and allow anything else to endure.

I often refer to the individual programmers who are doing the splitting as “Brutes.” They will watch the child, waiting to see them give in to the Fade, to the pressure of separating themselves within through dissociation. The sign of this can be the eyes rolling back out of consciousness, heads turning purple as the pressure of blood rushes to the brain or blank, absent stares, and glazed-over dilated pupils. My R.A.W. programmers earned their name in the way they had of describing their trade:

“Its like splitting a big log – the first time it splits, it takes the most amount of brute force, then as the pieces get smaller, it takes less and less to cause the breaks and fractures.”

By patterning the physical and psychological aspects of the brain to split and section off areas of the trauma they can create new “blank slates” of personalities. These are pieces of a person’s mind, which can be small or large, named most often by the specific function they perform, such as Driver, Runner, Cat, or Guardian. They can be entirely new personalities or ones who used to hold particular secrets or different genders or spiritual beliefs, which are then buried away.

These sub-personalities can be immediately bonded to the abuser or a handler of their choosing. You often see this similar training in high-level combat and guard dogs, whose submission to the pack leader can be moved to new handlers based on certain programmed and reinforced commands. They are not limited to audio controls; they can be sequenced colors of everyday items, squeezes of specific pressure points on the body, hand gestures or objects like symbolic laced rings or necklaces.

After the blank slate personalities have been prepared, the victim can be made ready for the next step. Once a person has been made to dissociate and split their soul when under distress, that pattern or survival mechanism will continue throughout their life. This is why there is so much emphasis on abusing children at an early age.

The Family would explain it by telling a story.

“It’s just like breaking an elephant. You cannot break a bull elephant who has lived his whole life in the wild. He knows the power he possesses, he knows the way to destroy his enemies or break out of bonds. Instead, you start when they are young and weak. Simply attach one of their legs to a secured stake in the ground and watch them wail and pull and strain to be free. Soon enough the young elephant will realize he can never escape his shackles. Once their will is broken, it will never try to be free again. You can tie a threaded string around a fully-grown bull elephant and stake it with a plastic peg to the ground, and it will never leave the place you put it. It’s the same with the children: break them young, and you can own their bodies, and souls; their mind, wills, and emotions become yours for life.”

Learned Helplessness is a powerful tool in controlling victims even long after their perpetrators or handlers are dead or powerless.

My grandpa Brute liked to use near drowning, electricity, or asphyxiation to cause me to dissociate. Upon coming back to consciousness, I believed he had saved my life, and so I loved him all the more and would do whatever he asked. It is genuine and literal mind control. It doesn’t always have to look like electrodes in the brain and flashing lights. Once they’ve got their blank slate, they can ‘handle’ the person to do their will quite easily. Imagine how easy it is for an above average IQ adult to manipulate an extremely traumatized four-year-old who’d just endured physical abuse or witnessed the emotional destruction of their cousin. These new personalities are commonly in a similar state of vulnerability upon their creation and later healings.

These personalities are stored in their own compartmentalized spaces within the mind. Neurologists call the physical areas of the brain where these new personalities reside, Trauma Neural Networks. This is most publically noticeable in individuals who suffer an extreme trauma such as soldiers in combat or survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. These Trauma Pockets are places where the neurons, which were most activated during the traumatic event essentially, lock up and section themselves off from the remainder of the mind so that the rest of the brain can continue to function.

The internal representation of this can look and sound somewhat startling to those who’ve never had to dissociate to survive. Depending on the level of trauma and dissociation, individuals can and often do create entire inner worlds in which their personalities, parts, or fragments of memories live. On the inside of the mind, it usually will look like rooms, prison cells, houses, or even castles. Brutes and programmers use guided hypnotic imagery to craft these inner worlds. An example would be, “Picture the thousands of neural pathways of your brain and imagine how each one could be a hotel space in a city. Now send the new personality to room number 42,” etc.… The territory of the mind is not capped by the space in our body; it is left only to the imagination or the specific programmer of the individual to guide and create.

The intentional creation of multiple personalities, programming, and mind control is not science fiction as the reports of truth-seeking conspiracy theorists proved correct. Even a cursory study of the subject will reveal millions of peer-reviewed articles, books, documentaries, and an understanding that The United States government alone has spent hundreds of billions in the past and now many trillions in search of, implementation and refinement of the “super spy.” A spy that even under the worst kinds of torture or manipulation will not reveal their secrets because the personality enduring the pain has no memory of what they are. Thus the mind is able to separate from the body to endure the soul crushing destruction of their body passing through the fingers of monsters.

U.S. Government Projects like MK Ultra, Artichoke, Bluebird, Monarch, Montauk- which is the true story of Stranger Things, and thousands of others have been exposed and victims who endured this have been paid out millions of dollars by our government in restitution for this rampant human experimentation carried out on their “pet projects.” The U.S. is not alone in their quest: Manchurian Candidates, dozens of other major countries like Great Britain, Australia, Russia, China, Japan, and Canada. Both allies and enemies of our government and seats of religious power like The Roman Catholic Church, and incalculable Fraternal Orders have shattered the minds of millions of their citizens, patriots and pedophiles alike.

The Bloodline Families and practitioners of the higher-level initiated mystery religions and cults have been engaging in this practice long before the Nazi scientists brought over during Operation Paperclip taught our American scientists this secret science learned and perfected in their concentration camps. Those camps where millions became a Holocaust or in English a Burnt Sacrifice. This is why Hitler ordered The Hex Star of Asherah and Ishtar to mark the victims for burning in the ovens of ritualistic slaughter.

My grandfather had a particular knack for shattering the mind quickly along with programming and as such was entrusted with other “Chosen” children besides me. It is a Trade passed on from master to apprentice in their craft. A craft, which had many of its modern and oldest roots in the Jesuits, Gnostics, and the arms of the Roman Catholic church, whose accumulation of intelligence, mystical artifacts, manuscripts, as well ancient knowledge, supersedes all others since Nimrod’s reign. Many Illumined Bloodline Families, even those who in no way are practitioners of Catholicism, still turn to the Roman Order’s Brutes to do this work as they have honed this despicable Trade to its sharpest edge.

The Families do this because– unlike so many out there – they treat their children with respect insofar as they know how powerful and capable they are of extraordinary things at even young ages. While we dump our kids in overcrowded day-care and shove them in front of Family Owned television programming for hundreds of hours of their adolescent development via tablets, televisions, or toxic blue-light screens, The Families ‘invest’ in their children, honing them to razors edges before most are trying to teach their kids how to spell or count with fallacious Common Core Math. The Illumined Ones teach their children how to think critically to use grammar, logic, and rhetoric to come up with solutions to problems, instead of becoming part of the problem.

Families believe each child has the potential to express specific powers, gifting’s or talents. The Family members wait for the manifestations of a generational spirit, one of their ancestor’s spirits or the spirits of the gods to be imbued into their children. Thus a “familiar spirit” a “Muse,” a trickster, or other family spirit was passed on to specific chosen children.

The word Genius is a modern expression of this belief. The Jinn or genie’s are the Middle Eastern equivalent of the ascended ancient ones, the demons who would possess vessels both people or objects. The Genius in a Family is one who is possessed by the Familiar or Generational Spirit of the Ancestors and thus is the chosen one. The chosen one will often then become through manipulative rituals, oath, and pledge for ownership an open spiritual conduit for one or many of the cursed restless spirits of the dead.

Each Family as with the confusion at Babel may hold different denominational beliefs as to how some of the Mysteries and Secrets are interpreted. As such literal billion and trillion dollar battles are fought, some with knives and bullets, but most are in the board and courtroom, to prove which Families method is the most profitable, productive or perverted. Thus determining their ranking on the ever-illumined pyramid of power.

The entirety of their Familial reigns and purpose become ensnared in a dog eat dog game of musical chairs. The way to the top is determined by who can breed the best wolves, dogs, goats, cats or sheep. However a spot at the top is reserved for The Family who produces the final incarnation of The Rebel King.

Many in my Reynolds, Keenan, Hamilton, Sutherland, White, and Du Pont Family chose The Left Hand Path of the Fallen Serpent. They are blood bound with the Familiar spirits of Apollo, Death, Eros, Destruction, and The Queen of Heaven to posses and reign through their bloodline children. The prize at the end of their map is what The Families are hiding in plain site.

Other Families like The Royals in South Africa, The Bloodlines of The Reich or The Kings of Assyria and Emperors of The East use and employ different methods, spirits and tactics to compete for the creation of the ultimate hybrid of god and man. This story is one, which has been repeated over and over for millennia through the Muses. Maybe this should give you a pause to discern by which spirit was the Music conceived. Remember, the Museum was furnished and crafted to influence and control the narrative stories, histories and propaganda.

It’s in the open source stories like the quest for the grail, the spear of destiny, King Arthur, Avatar, Dr. Strange or the one particle collider ring lord to rule them all, and many more, which subtly whisper these serpentine mysteries to the both the goyim and the illumined alike. These crafty seductive lies keep scales over the eyes of the world. In their united deception they will demand and declare The Fallen Ones those Nephilim and gods of old to return and rule over them as in the days before The Great Deluge of Noah. And the gods those rebellious Elohim and their prodigy will once again walk openly among us. Over this fallen divine council of gods will be one of purest blood who rules them.

They are all on an immortals quest to find and establish the perfect anti-messiah who will reign supremely on this earth for a season. He who will carry the spirit of Rebel, his name is Apollo the king over those fallen spirits of the abyss. He will be The Dragon of Old’s spiritual yet carnal son on this earth to counterfeit The Only Eternal and Living Resurrected God King Yeshua The Messiah.

The biggest lie of it all is not that humans believe these things to be true or false but rather all this confusion, keeps people from worshiping and serving The Creator of The Heavens and The Earth. He is The Creator of The Immortals and all other Elohim. The God Above gods YHVH Yahweh Elohim, it is His good will and His purpose we all were made to fulfill not just our own. We were not made to be bound by any lying spirit we were seduced by.

Being born in The Families is designed to set you apart or consecrate you to be made into The Image of The Beast. Instead of as each of you were truly created to be, which is set apart or holy dedicated for The Great Redeemers purpose and calling. He alone can redeem those of us dedicated to be bricks of rebellion instead of prophets of deliverance, forgiveness, truth and peace.

I assure you all of this, no matter what you may have been bred and born to do, there is nothing, which can keep you from receiving His perfect Holy Spirit of Truth, if you so choose. Yahweh is not like the other gods or spirits. He will not ever force His children or people to do His will. He allows each and every one of us to choose to serve the gods of this world or Him alone for He is the only one who is truly setapart and perfect. The extraordinary and absolutely true story of His Kingdom is written plainly so you can study, learn and test for yourself if His Word is true.

May the words of my testimony now reveal to you my journey which led me into absolute faith no longer in my Familiar spirits, oaths of secrecy, or storehouses of treasures, but instead into a life of pure and undefiled purpose and peace. If He can redeem The Secrets and Talents as ferocious as the ones I am about to share then surely He will do it to all who truly seek Him. He who begins a work in us will be faithful to see it through to its completion.

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