One man’s journey to uncover The Family Secrets buried in his blood-stained past

What would you say to the people you loved if you knew The Secrets in your head could cost you all your lives? What do you do when you no longer remember your best friend’s name, the church you’d served at for seven years, or the places you used to work? Where do you go when the memories in your mind are now clouded with shadows of things you’d carefully forgotten? Where once there used to be memories of soccer games and high school pranks, there are assassinations in hotel rooms with poisons and blades. Will she run from me when she knows what I’ve done? When she sees the man in the mirror is a shadow of the soul she once loved. Snatched From The Flames is a true story of Nathan Reynolds quest to discover answers to his mysterious double life. Born in between the world of the living and the land of the dead, Nathan hunted for vengeance, hope, and healing. until the day came when he made a decision that changed it all. He chose to tell the woman he loved that the man she married was not what he seemed to be. For buried in the past of his other life were Secrets of bloodshed, torment, and murder. This book follows his family as they make their way out of the deadly Underworld where they will discover Hope hiding in the darkest of nights, a daughter who saves his life, and a man on a desperate quest for redemption. Order Your Paperback Now!   The Audio Book is now available! Download it now for $20.00!

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