Revealing Treasures, Truth, and Trials

How do you reveal to the world your most guarded secrets, your once most precious and protected truths? This post is not short or long; however, it took decades for it to be lived longer still to be published. It shares of a family fighting to escape their past lives of passivity, madness, and murder so that their daughter might have a future of hope. It reveals to the world for the first time Naomi Grace Reynolds. I challenge you to see if you can skip your next hundred Facebook scrolls, twenty minute Netflix shows or a night of normalcy. I challenge you to step into the raw world of reality where families fight with gritted teeth, to make sure their children are not forced into the same slavery their parents were born into.

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This is a message of brutal pain, miraculous freedom, joy and relief. It is light waging war against the darkness seeking to kick cowardice in the face and become bold and courageous in its stead. I challenge you to read through it all the way to end where you can finally meet my Pleasantness. It will hurt at times, but healing and real life always does. It will remind you what it is we should be fighting for and who our real Enemy is. It will teach you to fight for something other than your next vacation, green light, intoxicating escape, secret lust, or love of money. I hope you will fight for hope; I challenge you to fight for a better marriage, to be a better son, father or sister who is willing to go and set the captives of cowardice and comfort free.
It is because other warriors fought for Truth, Naomi Grace Reynolds is the first generation of Reynolds born genuinely free. This is her story, Chelsea’s and mine. May it challenge, convict, crush and rebuild you only in accordance with what you truly need.

Revealing Treasures, Trials, and Truth

The question broods in the recesses of my mind. It lingers in the night, in the quiet when the day has drawn its final breath. Its still small voice is a whisper in a world of shouting screens, honking horns, roads raging, children waking and work waiting to be done. Distractions pop up one at a time than ten then twenty. And yet the question remains…

Time is irrelevant to The One who authored the breath in our lungs, the waters of the deep and foundations of the ground beneath our feet. How much longer can I ignore it? It seems today will be the day I relent, repent and answer Him once and for all.

“Are you willing to give me your fears?”

These same eight words have greeted me day after day. They have woken me in the stillness of the night, never forceful never demanding, only waiting. His patience is not my own. I try to press forward. I try to ignore my required response. In doing so, I am forced through the same cycles of fleshly fears, frustrated plans, and forgotten callings. His timing is perfect; mine is not. I am so ready to rush into the bowels of darkness and eager to tear out its reviling putrid throat. I plot and plan my ways forward a hunter determined to defeat the death of my past, the torment of my present and the fears of my tomorrows. Ragged and beaten like the seven sons of Skiba I collapse back into the waters of regret. He is patient with a compassionate and fatherly love I was not raised to know. He comforts me in my weeping as I plunge my head beneath the waters of a mountain creek in an attempt to drown out the hurt and heat of this once so cursed summer solstice.

Desperate I plead for Him to fix the messes I didn’t make, the ones I did and grant unto me what I so desperately need; relief. Relief from the hurt of horrors too many can fathom. The precise plunges of sharpened steel the press of a trigger as another target falls. My once so manipulated fingers pressing tight the cords of death The Brotherhood uses to keep quiet their abominations. How much longer will the memories boil to the surface under the heat of this ceaseless sun? Even now The Phoenix rises out of the ashes in that cursed desert town. Puppet family members dragged me there time and time again, a child without a purpose until the pommel of the dagger was placed in my palm.

Though I was once born into a world where freedom is not authored but death is instead; I have been born again into a life of hope, choice, challenge, and opportunity. I was a man ever on the run, and I knew not how to sit and be still. Surely another wolf would find me. Sooner or later the Squared and Compassed cowards would send a slave to do their master’s bidding. Their charged rings and daggers haunted my dreams, and so I ran. The brutality of my younger years was ever quick to hinder my freedom’s flight.

As a child they bounced me from one house for a few months, then another, and another. There are endless oceans of my mother and father’s impossible justifications bickering and fighting pounding through my skull, as my family packs up to move for the third time in months. The middle school where I had finally made a couple of my friends will turn into a new one with bullies, jocks, and preps. There was no stability in the trailer, houses, and apartments I grew up in. There was no foundation for my restless feet to find rest. There was nothing but chaos until they sent me out to hunt.

I was starving, ridiculed with pockmarks of perversion and murderers marks upon my flesh. Ever present reminders of the sick master’s fingers on my neck. Treats were given only when the wolf returned with his pound of the targets flesh; evidence planted, or taped confessions of regret. Only then they praised me, and then they applauded and called me a good son, sentinel, or soldier. Classified award ribbons given in secret chambers, blades of power forged in furnaces, which will never see the light of the sun. The list of names and numbers crossed out after being written upon a ledger in my Families little black book. On and on it went those years turned to decades of destruction until she came down the steps and changed it all.

A woman of such splendor, sorrow and sweet passions forged in a family of love, safety, and plenty. Though she had her own struggles from work in a field, which drained her of joy, peace, and passion she had a gaze, which sunk through the streams of my suffering and anchored itself in my soul.

Fingers entwined we walked through lion infested meadows and stole kisses under the moonlight. She danced with me on the carpet, swam with me in lakes and searched for treasures hidden in the rocky shores. She looked into my eyes and learned to love the man she saw inside. But she did not see the eyes of my many looking back watching to see if she could be trusted if she would be safe. For years we watched her waiting to see just what she would do when she learned the truth. The split personalities of my systemically shattered soul, the wolf, the hunter, the chameleon trained to obey monsters’ commands did not know what to make of this woman. But quiet and still they watched and waited.

She said, “Yes” and wept on Nate’s knee after a scavenger hunt, which ended with a request for her to join us in the covenant of marriage. She did not know about Jason; she did not know about Nathan, Soldier, Boy and all the rest. Standing before so many monsters who used me to build their Family empire through blackmail, bloodshed, and bondage Nate said: “I do.” But we did not. She did not know who she was marrying. She did not know about the razor sharp blades in our clothing, the capsules of chaos, our “Tools of The Trade,” buried across this nation in states from east to west. Most present at the wedding, did not know The Grooms Family was riddled with perverts who sell their children to the Masons and Mormons. Then pass their sons and daughters through the insatiable lusts and debaucheries of Jesuits and Priests. They sign unacknowledged corrupt contracts with Colonels and Pizza parlors just so they can live their dreams.

This woman who sealed our marriage covenant with a kiss did not know of the bodies my Family buried and blowback they’d burned. My Families noses had breathed deeply the sweet savors of sodomy inhaled as the summer solstice reached its apex. Their quest to see The Phoenix rise once more, the cursed seraph waiting for his time to devour those most dangerous to his rebellion. It is The Remnant he fears the families he hates. It is those who keep His commandments and walk in The Holy-One’s Way.

I believed so long ago that my wife was innocent until the day she met me. Some days the fiery arrows still burn my heart and hurt my hope. How do you tell the woman you love you stained the earth with the blood of your fury, hatred, and regret? How do you tell your wife the family she married into drinks down the innocent and summons devils in churches and cathedrals at night? How do you describe to the one who kissed your scar covered lips, they have been torn apart by beasts of legend, those monsters of old? Please tell me!? What would you do if you woke up with an Officers ring in your pocket, blood under your fingernails and exotic weapons in your trunk? The memories ripped from the corners of your consciousness by their tools of The Trade?

How do you answer her and tell her you were made to sneak out on summer nights before you were too young to legally drive and slide stilettos between sentry’s vertebrae and drop prepared cocktails onto a Jesuits’ heart medication? How much longer can a marriage survive secrets as dark as these? How much longer can I smile when I want to weep? How much longer can I keep quiet when the chaos within builds into Rage? Please tell me; this information was not “mission critical.” My Handlers gave me only “Need To Know.” T.S.S.C. USAP’s and Compartmentalization keeps it all beneath the surface, but the once so disturbing memories of bullets shrieking overhead, bodies turning into ash and then grass demanded something be done.

Finally, after years of being married to a stranger, Chelsea met us. She met her real husband the man of many. She learned our names our faces, the way we held her near so different than Nate. She wept with me when I told her of the terrors I was born into. She kissed my pockmarked body where monsters had feasted on my Family Bred Blue Blooded flesh. She did not run when I told her the truth. She held fast while the storms of my handlers, deceived brothers, and cowardly father and relatives did their best to tear us apart. She did not demand I shut my mouth and keep The Secrets. She did not try to manipulate me back into my cage, my inner rooms of madness. She let me scream out the sorrows of suffering while I wept on the couch. She kissed my fingers and washed this running man’s restless feet. In doing so Chelsea loved even the least of these.

Over time Chelsea showed us love knows nothing of cost, because what I’d told her would cost her so much. But she was willing to suffer the scorn of this world the threats of my family, the assassin’s bullets and cyber bullies for the sake of seeing her husband be healed. She was willing to love me even when I was so overcome with fear I couldn’t breathe. She did not run from any part of my shattered soul. She let me go dive beneath the waters and swim until I felt free. She let me hike into the wilds of mountains yet explored, and tunnels most would rather avoid. She stitched together seams on my chest rig after it was torn on trees when I ran with my dog Ruger through a patch of raspberries, so as not to be seen, by strangers on whose land I may have innocently trespassed. In so doing she helped my soul be stitched back together by The Spirit of Truth’s perfect inner healing work. She called me Nathan, Jason or Soldier as she learned our quirks and different ways of being.

She lovingly made me food I’d hungered for my entire life. But above all these wondrous things she gave me something so impossible Yahweh alone could get the glory for its creation. She gifted me life amidst my endless death. She gave me breath, laughter, hope, and peace. In her womb she carried my Pleasantness. She gave to me Naomi, my precious daughter, my delight. Her sacrifice gave me the strength to sever ties from grandfathers, uncles and “friends” who rape their family members to make their minds shatter and souls split for the sake of another business contract, position or rank. She gave me a reason to face down the darkness and light a beacon of hope for all the world to see.

My heavenly Father the one who did not conceive me in a ritual of darkness entrusted to me a wife, a mother, a daughter and a better future then I could imagine. I may have been conceived in a curse on a night when spring is birthed, but Naomi Grace was conceived in love, under the covenant of marriage between a husband and wife. She will not have to hide from monsters, but instead, she will learn to overcome The Enemy by the power of His Holy Name. She will not have to feel the perverse poisons and cocktails course through her veins; she will drink the waters of peace in a home covered with mercy, compassion, and grace. I wrote these words to answer the question, which was nested in my mind.

“Are you willing to give me your fear?”

For nearly two years Chelsea and I have lived our lives in secret hidden from a Family and Order who wants to feast on my daughter’s innocence and use her in The Trade. For two years I have fought with teeth barred battles she will not have to remember. We have run, evaded or confronted assassins, thieves, and robbers. We have chased down, and terrified the monsters masquerading as men and waged a spiritual war of repentance, truth, and mercy. We have uprooted the charged objects buried in our own house and those which defiled our gates. We have turned the soils of our heart in search of any rebellious rock, and devilish desires.

In the last two years, we have offered The Author of Redemption our past, present, and future. He has fought for us battles when we were outnumbered and surrounded by Death himself. The Glory of Yahweh has been by our rear guard. I have pressed forward when I would rather retreat.

By His strength, Chelsea and I had stood when we were too tired to crawl. It is by His unshakable hope we have been made new. We have suffered the pains of poverty, the loss of all our material things, co-workers, counselors, and friends have been craftily turned into tormenters and accusers of insanity, instability, and madness. We have endured members of our household and family who breathe out murderous threats behind the scenes but masquerades as “good caring Christian folk,” for all the world to see. As it’s been written, “Marvel not because The Dragon himself masquerades shape-shifts and cloaks himself as an angel of godly light, and do not his servants do likewise?” Your so-called pastors, deacons, children’s church teachers, and worship leaders bow their knees at “The Grand Architect of The Universe’s Altar” or kiss The Pontiffs Rings and swear to cover up the crimes of pedophiles, pimps, and priests. They sit on your city council boards and advance the agendas, which destroy the lawful ways of family, life, and community. So too was I taught to do, and they will come against those who set themselves apart for righteous and honest living.

Naomi Grace may have been born with my last name, but The Reynolds no longer have to poison the earth with their heavy metal toxins sprayed overhead, poured into our drinking water, or smoked by billions through their monopolistic black mail and deceptive controls. The Reynolds can now be defined by their willingness to leave the cares of this world for The Calling by our new Master Yeshua, Jesus the one and only Crowned and Forever Conquering King who will crush the head of The Seed of The Serpent once and for all.

Naomi Grace Reynolds is the first born free from multi-generation slavery. I chose to repent of my ancestor’s oaths, instead of being their black Guardian and Enforcer of secrets and sin. I chose to renounce the “so solemnly and this I will do.” I turned from the left-hand path towards His narrow way of abundant life. I bless you my daughter to fulfill the calling on your life. I once fought for revenge, payback, and retribution. I once bore their darts, bullets, and blades. Too many times I was made to take steel and diamond wires to the necks of governors, councilors, oath-keepers and Christians alike. Now I bear The Living and Active Word, which will cut through the cowardice of my flesh and teach me to walk not by sight but by His Spirit. I no longer have to wage carnal wars but will instead train up armies who fight with repentance, who bless the land by their obedience to The Creator’s ways and His Loving Instructions.

Naomi Grace I will lay down my life as a living sacrifice so that you might live in peace, in the shalom that comes from The Prince of Peace, the only Eternally Living Elohim, The Lord God Almighty is His Name. May His praises be sung over you who call upon Him in your day of trouble. May the weak find Him to be their strength. May the murders find redemption and life. May the weary find His Word to be your resting place. May you drink of His living waters and find relief. My words will never be enough to speak of His worth, His greatness to defeat Death and Hell themselves. May you learn of His relentless power to turn death into life, to turn fear into faith, and cowards into warriors who conquer kingdoms, overthrow despots, and tear downs the soon to be rebuilt Tower of The Rebel King of The East.

I am not a simple man but one of many; Chelsea is not a normal woman but one who has become refined by the fires of trial and tribulation.  Naomi Grace is not a simple child but a great one whose purpose so few can imagine. She is laughter in my lungs and weeping in my frustrations as she learns not to cry but communicate. Being a Godly parent to her is harder than anything I’ve ever done, but it is worth it. “For this lite, and momentary affliction,” will produce treasures no man can steal, judge can seize or eye can imagine.

Naomi, you are my sharpest arrow, the deadliest of weapons for you pierced my heart of hate and taught me to love again. You punctured the poisoned trees of regret, bitterness, and un-forgiveness which once bound me to death, murder, and lust. Thank you, Chelsea, for being patient with me, I am not an easy man to be married too. Because you did not run from me I am finally able to see what it is like for a child to grow up safe, protected and loved. I am finally able to sleep in peace knowing my enemies have to go through El Shaddai, The Captain of The Heavenly Host before they can kill you, her, or me.

To the few friends and fewer still family who did not swallow my former Families Serpentine lies but chose to feed us when we were starving, fuel us when we were exhausted, provide us a temporary vehicle when it was maliciously destroyed, clothe us when we were naked, and shelter us when the assassins came in the night, I thank you. My daughter is alive because you feared not The Enemies of freedom, but instead, you feared Him whose name is Holy. Because of your faithful obedience to speak the truth The Reynolds family can now choose to be free. We can choose to raise our daughter in peace, hope, and love.

Now we can offer to the other Reynolds and the so many other “Families” out there a choice to be free. They can choose to leave their abominations behind them, confess their sins and speak The Secrets so that they might live and not perish in the flames. For His judgment is coming, you cannot escape it and neither can I. What I did and what The Brotherhoods, The Black Projects, The State, The Family, and Order made me do will be brought to the light. It will be shouted from the rooftops and if you workers of iniquity do not repent and come out of The Great Whore you have joined yourselves too, then you too will perish under His righteous fury and wrath. As it has been written have nothing to do with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather expose them. What you have done in secret will be shown before all men. What you sold on those markets of madness will be revealed for all to see.

To the little ones, fragments and pieces, the other personalities and beloved inner parts who have not yet been able to speak, choose or live in freedom I speak to you. Know that you are loved, you are adored you were not made for madness, murder and misery; they were made to keep you from being free. Those shackles and doors were locked to keep you from fulfilling great and mighty works of redemption, restoration, and renewed life.

To the Night Walkers who have not known the world of peace and “normal,” I hope you will come and see. It is time to cast off the chains of your masters and call upon The Great Redeemer. Know this if He can redeem my life of death, incest, rage, and regret so too can He redeem yours. Chelsea, Naomi and I are living stones of testimony continually announcing to the world that The Enemy, The Dragon, that Serpent of Old is defeated not by our strength, our might, our power, pomp or pride but by The Blood of The Lamb, the spoken, written, and lived out words of our testimony and not loving our lives even unto death.

My new Master is the One and only Elohim who conquered Death, the grave and the curses of this world. He is The Mighty conqueror of those held in chains of darkness those fallen princes who seek to be set free. To the survivors of the wicked it is time to come out of your hiding and speak The Secrets.  Come and show the world of Day Walkers and the living, even the children of the dead, the moonlit ritual conceived survivors of chaos can be made to become warriors of hope who bless and don’t curse, who stand when all others fall, who nail the words of our testimony to the websites, meeting boards, and gathering places all over the world. In doing so we shall be like Sampson who put his hands on those twin pillars of perversion and knocked it down flat. In his prayers for strength to The Almighty he brought down a network of wicked ones, and won a mightier victory against the worshipers of infanticide in his death then in the entirety of his life.

It is time for the followers of The King of Glory to expose the wicked works done in The Lodges, the high places, the pedophile pews of churches, in the cathedrals of cowards and to stop the machinations within our mosques and synagogues. Come out and speak the truth when men hate you and tell you to shut your mouth, and speak it more. When they assassinate your character, call you insane, demand you to return to them, know this you do not have to obey their voice but instead you can freely choose to pray for them, to bless them and not curse them. In doing so you rebuke the cowards of Christianity for their filthy weak and worthless faith. You will teach both the wicked and the good about The Prince of Shalom who rules in your heart. Let us, the children born in black waters of Anak, the prodigy of The Grigori, the sons and daughters of the Nephilim call for weeping and repentance for we too can become redeemed children of The Living Elohim. Let us silence and powerfully rebuke those who falsely claim to be followers of The King of Glory by our set apart love filled living. Let us remind the world there is unstoppable unshakable power in The Name of Yahweh Elohim The Lord Our Righteousness.

Father God, I answer your question now, the words, which took my rest and stole my sleep. For too long I have been afraid to tell the world this story. To share my Pleasantness with the masses but now it is time. I hid Naomi from this world for two years of her life, so that I could cut the heads off the serpents who were still hiding in the grass and teach her mother to bear the sword and shield and our weaponry properly. This Reynolds Family is no longer one who walks on the left-hand path of the wicked. Instead, I will be like Moses, Gideon, and Hezekiah who boldly defied their wicked, adulterous and Baal worshiping fathers and ancestors and chose to set fire to beacons of repentance and set the captives free. May each of and every one of you reading this choose this day who they will serve. For The God of Truth is absolutely the only one who will ever offer you free choice.

“And if it seem evil unto you to serve Yahweh, choose you this day whom you will serve; whether the elohim (gods, religions, and traditions) which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood or the elohim of The Amorites in whose land you dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve Yahweh.”

We must each choose this day to drive back the darkness in our hearts first, then our marriages, our homes, our children, schools, workplaces and places of worship. By doing so, we will strip this world of its accusations of a weak body of cowards who look nothing like the King they claim to know. Let us be bold, let us be courageous for The Lord our God Yahweh resists the proud but gives mercy, strength, power and victory to humble heroes who obediently walk by faith and not by sight.

WithNaomi Grace that being said I will lead my family out of hiding and am honored to reveal to the world, both friend and foe my daughter of delight my pleasantness and my joy Naomi Grace Reynolds.

Though The Knights and members of my own household still choose to feast on the flesh of the innocent you will never have her for she does not belong to you, but to Yahweh Elohim may you know He will protect her and destroy all who come against her. You have been warned your blood is on your own heads now may His will alone be done in your lives and lives of the victims you devoured at night. May they rise up and condemn you by their testimonies, by their acts of repentance they will rid your kingdoms of their power, for they are filled with unadulterated love, and unshakable faith. May the survivors come forth from their prison cells and find healing in the one and only Good Shepherd Jesus Yeshua The Messiah.

May the wolves learn to love, find peace and calm to the rage, the fury and the hate. May the assassins my lost brothers and sisters of the blades once controlled by cowards find a new purpose and a higher calling that will tear down their stone wombs, obelisks, and pillars of perversion forever. Fight for your children to be free, fight for your wives to know The Truth, fight for your sisters and nephews and nieces. Blow the shofar the trumpets of terror, which cause The Enemies of Yahweh to flee. Call out the cowards and drag them from their dens of deceit. Expose what they do in secret before The True Light of The World The Great I Am.

Raise your children up in the narrow Way of Truth and teach them how to fight for righteous and holy living no matter the consequences. By doing so, The King of Glory will fight with you and cause even The Beast to tremble at the mention of His Name.

Chelsea, I thank you for loving this man of many and for fighting for our marriage when I struggled against it and even for the times I fought to tear it apart. chelsea_Naomi_blk_and_whtThank you for remembering our covenant and enduring the tests for each of our vows. Thank you for not leaving me when the blood of my families’ bondage flowed into our house, our neighborhood and hearts. Thank you for loving me when all I ever knew was hurt and hate. You are my beloved, and I am yours alone. Thank you for raising our daughter in the ways of truth and love and peace.

Thank you for teaching me not to be afraid of cowards, liars, murderers, and thieves. Thank you for holding me close when I desperately wanted to run. Thank you for not letting me hide from my calling and my purpose. Thank you for teaching me to forgive, provide and protect when I want to take up the blade. Thank you for blessing me to go scream and hide in the mountains and caves when the pain was just too much.

Thank you, Naomi, for teaching me about innocence, laughter, and joy. Thank you for reminding me that not every Reynolds has to be born in bondage. Thank you for holding my hand and telling me you love me even when I am grieving the anniversaries of State Sanctioned murdered battle buddies, torture and regret. Thank you for laughing at my silly jokes and goofy ways. Thank you for loving your dad and his every personality and name. It is because of you I fight and obey His Word of Truth. Now I charge you to go and fight for our King Naomi, for the innocent, for the lost and wounded sheep. Fight and help heal the wounded wolves who never knew another way. Fight for the arrogant goats, prideful pastors and priests. Remember Naomi you are a warrior, a soldier for The Captain of The Heavenly Host because you do not wrestle and fight against flesh and blood but against The Archons, The Rulers, The Dominions, The Ancient Powers, The Thrones, and The Elemental Spirits of Deceit.

You were not born into a time of peace, but a season of war. The Enemy, his anointed ministers and slaves will hunt you and seek to devour you. They will hate you, curse and condemn you but know this I will never leave you, I will never abandon you or leave you to fight alone. Until the day you can bear up your armor against the ways of the wicked my shield will cover you, my sword will destroy those who come against you and my armor will keep you safe. I will stand under the covering of Covenant with The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. His Truth and Faithfulness is our shield and buckler. Though my flesh may fail, my body, and soul too, in my weakness I will rejoice because His strength, explosive power, and unrelenting love will conquer death and destroy that Dragon once and forever.collage
Watch and learn Naomi and anyone else who cares too, just how it is we wage war on The Enemy of Hope to the glory of Him whose name is Set-Apart, Perfect, and Just. May The God of All Shalom guard your heart and mind forever and ever. Let the nations of this earth remember The Name of our Elohim is a strong tower the righteous run too it and they are saved. Father deliver us from the unholy fires of The Evil One, but only after the trials and tribulation produces in us all spotless robes of righteousness so we might be worthy to stand with The Heroes of Belief. May you all fight the flesh and fears of this world so that you can be called by The Name above all names. Fear only Yahweh Elohim seek His Kingdom first, His right ways of living, and then all these things shall be added to each and every one of you.

Without further adieu,

This is my daughter, flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone, The Pleasantness of Yahweh Naomi Grace Reynolds.


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