A Line in the Sand

I suppose there are two ways I can start this blog. The first is a slow and gentle path towards understanding. The second is just to let you, the reader, decide if you are willing to press towards the heart-wrenching knee shaking, far more exciting and compelling reality of this world. I fear the days of dawdling around and trying to nudge people towards truth are long behind us. I’ve given up hiding in the closets of cowardice and have instead decided to boldly step forward and speak The Secrets that have cost too many their lives.

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Some of those lives were lost in the pages of passivity. In stories that started out with passion, purpose, and meaning but soon were weighted down with the cares of this world, the fears of what people will think and the dreary days of despair. Their life of inexpressible joy, danger, and nation shaking change was tossed into the bins of “would-ofs” and “should-ofs”. The days of padded gloves and participation ribbons must draw to their overdue end. It is now time the world hears the truth it has worked so hard to hide.

I am not an ordinary man. I have never known a cookie cutter life. My wife did not marry a simple man but a complicated man of many. I was not raised in a world of safety, peace, and unadulterated love. I did not sleep in a house where children are protected from monsters of flesh or spirit. I was raised with one hand writing the names of targets on the bloodstained pages of someone else’s hit list and the other raising its trembling fingers in a private Christian school. I was an “InBetweener.” There is no better word for it, so spell check and my editor are going to have to learn to add it to their vocabulary. I was born between this land of the living and the halls of the dead. I was forced through the torturous tunnels of Luciferian Ritual Abuse where children’s bodies, gifting’s and blood are commodities sold and traded like oil, stocks, and beef.

The Family whose last name I still carry, and those whose last names fill the pages of the public press, chose to pass me through the black flames, which fuel an Underworld of blackmail, human-trafficking, covens, and cults. My story is not unique but somewhat common to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear the voices of the wounded-ones crying out for deliverance, understanding, and help. This blog, the videos, and testimonials and the interviews I do are for the Survivors. For the families of children whose fathers brought them to the Masonic Lodges and Catholic Charities and let their ‘brothers’ feast on their innocence. I write these words for the mothers whose children were stolen from them and passed through fires. I write these words to the man who screams at night from the terrors of memories this world would dismiss as nightmares and crazy imaginations. I write to the wives of husbands whose souls and personalities were shattered, programmed, and made to do the unthinkable. I write to the sisters who are still trapped behind the devilish veils of deception. I write to the survivors of mind-control both government-sponsored and cult created. You are not alone. Your days of death can be made into life. I have seen the darkness and despair of my past turned into light and hope. There is nothing the enemies of faith have done unto us that cannot be undone by The Redeemer.

If you are wondering just what it is I am talking about the answers will come in time. I will do my best to weave together this maddening tapestry into a quilt of painful pasts and awesome understandings. I am here to help bridge the gap between the worlds of split personalities and single-minded living. I will share The Secrets, which cost so many their lives. I will speak out when the world tells me to be silent. I raise a banner of truth in a world of deception. I hope you my dear reader will come and see the truth hiding behind the veils of comfort and complacency. At times the truth will burn, but yield to its fires of redemption for when they have done their restorative work you will be left anew washed from the worthless ways of mediocrity and misery. If you will come to know The Truth I assure you of this; your life will be full of purpose, vision, and meaning. You will be made into a new creature who furiously fights for the lost and hopeless, who loves more fiercely, sings more loudly, and prays with perfected power. You will become a warrior who is willing to stand up to the darkness and light a beacon of hope for the dark world to come and see.

My prayer in this is that you will be left breathless, trembling and overcome with understanding so that you might finally receive the calling and purpose you were made for. I pray you will come to the powerful realization that the world you see with your fleshly eyes is but a shadow of the real world where devils reign over men and angels fight for the protection of those who call upon His Name. I pray the subtle and crafty Serpents scales will be burned from your eyes by the fire of The Living God. I pray you will come to know The Truth and in doing so, He will set you free. Free from ritual abuse or dead, powerless religions and Sunday School deceptions. I pray that you will no longer hunger and thirst for the ways of this world, but instead, you will hunger and thirst for His Word of Life. I pray you will come to know you are more powerful and influential than you can imagine.

While you read these words, there are billions of souls screaming out for salvation, for deliverance, and for rescue. Who will go and answer their cry? Who will stand between the pedophile and their next victim? Who will stand between the liar and the next con? Who will hold the hurting and tell them it’s going to be alright? Who will forsake the ways of this world for a life of holy and righteous living? Who will answer the call to go and speak to the deceived serpent worshipers, yoga masters, psychics, and death dealers? Who will weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice? I am not interested in a Sunday morning churchgoer with his ‘get out of hell free card’ tucked into their back pocket. I am looking for the dangerous men and women, children and toddlers whose power and authority comes from The Creator of all.

I am on a mission to see the captive hearts and minds set free. To see the torn and tattered pebbles of past pains made into His living stones of testimony. I who once kissed the rings of bishops, the fingers of the fallen princes and the lips of perverts, now choose to kiss the hands of the homeless, the washed ups and looked over losers who the world says doesn’t matter. I choose to wash the wounded with my tears and offer prayers for the victims and perpetrators alike.

If you are willing to come with me on this journey, I promise you it will not be easy. It will not be for the faint of heart but rather for the faint-hearted who can become bold as lions and dangerous as wolves. To come on this narrow path will be costly. The price you will have to pay will be your life. It will cost you friends, family brothers, and sisters, children and grandchildren, homes, jobs and 401K’s. It will cost you more then you are willing to pay. But it will be pure and unadulterated worship to The One who made you, who knit you together for such a time as this. This journey will be filled with danger, passion, revelations, and understanding. It will make your life matter more than you can know.

If you are interested in a soft and comfortable life where you can work really hard at a mediocre job until your 65 so you can retire and play golf or just smile in ignorance with the other ostriches and wave to the weak till you die, please move on, this mission and journey is not for you. If you are interested in seeing children rescued from cages, mothers reunited with children once torn from their womb and daughters whose identity is no longer as a slave to how they look or the things their pimp or father said about them then come with me. If you want to see the kingdoms of this world be torn asunder then come and learn the truth. If you are ready to discover the power of deliverance, of restoration and new life, then read on. If you want to burn the pillars of spiritual, emotional, and physical bondage and deception to the ground, then come with me as we light candles of hope against the darkness of despair. If you are ready to raise your children up in the ways of truth, purpose, and meaning join me as we partner with The Author of Truth and His Mission of redemption.

I am not looking for you to put your faith in me; I will let you down if you do so. I am not interested in being the answer to your problems; rather I am here to point you towards the One who has the answers to questions no man can answer. I am here to set fires to your fleshly fears and worldly ways. I am here to remind you that your days are not over but have just begun. I am here to show the world the power of The Living God still causes kings to tremble and nations to bow down. I am here to fan the furious fires of redemption into a holy flame that burns away the idols of our self-centered, self-seeking religious garbage we call the church, Christianity and new apostolic anointing’s. I am here to curse the wicked ways of darkness and speak blessings to even my enemies and those who seek to destroy the lives of the innocent. I am here to talk to the silenced ones, the beloved parts and pieces of split personalities who were not allowed to speak. I am here to call the quiet to shout, the weary to strength and the wicked to repent. I am here to run with paralyzed and deliver the demonized, but so too are you. You are made to ignite the fires of hope snuffed out by pastors, parents, and Protestants who bowed their knees at Masonic altars and kissed the rings of presidents and popes. You are made to offer your failures, your mistakes and missed opportunities to the world as a witness of a life not lived until you laid it down for His Name’s sake. You are made to remind the world the days of evil have been numbered and are drawing to a close. You are made to be a part of the Remnant of The Redeemed. The leftover, passed by and downtrodden will become the most potent army this world has ever known. You were made to be a soldier not a sacrifice. You were made to be a child of The King of Glory not the progeny of a fallen angel, demon or possessed rapist. You were made to tear down the prison doors and smuggle the victims into an underground railroad of redemption. Do not look to me to set you free but I will show you the One who holds the keys over life and death so that you might go set the captives free. If you are ready to rend the fabric of this delusional reality to pieces and set this world on fire with forgiveness, repentance and hope then come along with me. Your spirit may be willing but the body can be weak so take strength in these words. Nothing can keep you from fulfilling this most incredible mission of life but yourself. Though your past may be as bloodstained and maddening as mine there is nothing to prevent you from His calling on your life except this choice. Will you choose to abide even if it gets scary? Will you choose to press through the pain, the screaming agony of memories so brutal you were split to survive? Will you be willing to stand when every one around you demands that you sit down and join the masses on their march to monotony? Will you be ready to run into the darkness to rescue the weary, the wicked and enslaved? If so then this is the place for you.

If however, you come here to seek the destruction of Survivors to get your tendrils of control back onto the necks of the wounded I assure of this; a Sword is waiting for you. A rod of iron will come to grind your teeth to dust as He treads down your impotent body for the pride and arrogance you have boasted in. In this place, you will find an army of soldiers who fear only El Shaddai. You will find sons and daughters of The King of Glory who do not fear your threats, lawsuits, mind control, and manipulation. You will find warriors who bear the sword, shield, and spear which will utterly destroy your wicked works of darkness. You will see your Secrets spoken and the very children you used to build your empires of blood, prestige, and pomp will come forth and testify against you. What you did in secret to our bodies, our minds and our spirits will be shouted from the rooftops it will play on the screens of billions and they will tear your little kingdoms apart. Do not come here and think for a moment you can overcome the power of The Living God, for the prince of darkness you worship as the giver of light will burn in the flames of His fury and wrath.

To you who come to this page who still walk on the Left-Hand Path know this, I write these words too you. To the handlers the agents of deception, the ones whose bills are paid through blackmail, trafficking, and assassinations I speak to you. Your kingdom is burning and soon it will be turned to ash. There will be no phoenix of resurrection there will be no thousand years of peace no golden age of man. You are drunk on the lies of your own telling walking around like a peacock whose feathers were burned in the fires of your own filth. I pray for you, for you to forsake the deception and come out of The Whore you have joined yourself too. The path you are on will only lead to your destruction and the destruction of all you hold dear. Forsake your father that Author of Lies and come to the Author of Truth. Speak The Secrets while there is still time. Come out and expose what is done in the black operations of Unacknowledged Special Access Projects and The Underworld alike. You must know that those Brothers and Sisters of your Lodge, Coven or Covert Teams will not save in your hour of need. The Ancient Tomes and incantations will not answer you when you call. The gods and illumined ones you visit on the astral plains will be shown to be liars and thieves. Do not rely on the fallen princes to hold you up in your day of affliction. The Oaths of Secrecy and so solemnly swears of Top Secret Clearances will not protect you when the once deceived sheep rise with nooses and knives demanding the blood of the guilty. Will you be liable for your silence? Will you be guilty of covering up treason, murder, theft, and death? Or will you come out and expose the trauma based mind-control, the pedophilia, the poisoning of our population and deceptive sciences? Will you be willing to suffer the pains of speaking the truth for the sake of redemption? The days of judgment draws near for us all, it is time you pick a side. There is no Kingdom of The Grey only The Kingdom of Light and The Kingdom of Darkness battling for the souls of The Kingdom of Mankind, now is the time to decide which Kingdom you will serve.

The One whose name is Mighty is coming to render unto each and every person justice for their choices on this earth. You and I are accountable and will be judged for the deeds we’ve done. The manipulated acts I’ve done are darker and more despicable than most can imagine. I will speak out The Secrets and expose the wicked works of darkness with every breathe in my lungs. Will you? How much longer will you be a coward? How much longer will you hide behind your children and your secrecy, clauses and oaths? How many more children will you watch be raped, and how much blood be drunk before you have had your fill? There is no hiding from His furious wrath and I pray you repent of your wickedness, renounce your oaths, and come to find there is salvation and deliverance waiting for even the likes of you and I. The blood on my hands has run as a river and yet now I have seen new life come in its place. He alone can turn monsters back into men, He alone can set you free from the spirits which rule over you whether you think they are real or not. Cry out to Him and see if these words are true. Seek Him not some powerless version of His Truth but seek The God above all gods and come to know the power waiting in His Name. You may not yet know my name, the aliases I went by, the deeds I’ve done and The List of Targets who haunted my dreams and stole my peace. But soon you will. You may think you have kept your dark lusts and appetites secret but I assure of this He knows your name; He knows what you’ve done in secret. There was no door thick enough, no bunker deep enough to hide you from His eyes. He has seen your deeds of darkness, and He is coming for you. Come out now while there is still time. Come out and speak The Secrets. Tell the world what is done behind those doors of oak and locked halls of pagan religions you call your own. Now is the time to use the money, power, and prestige acquired through your dealings for the rescue, restoration, and redemption of the survivors. Now is the time to leverage your clearance and access panels to bring to the open what was done in secret. Come out and join the real warriors, the real soldiers who fight for freedom, holiness, and truth. Come and see the power of walking with The Remnant of The Redeemed.

Hopefully, I’ve succeeded in offending a great deal of you or scared off the ones who aren’t willing to press through the realities of life for the sake of a better one. I hope to leave every one of you with these last words. What I intend to do here and in the days to come is to kick in the doors of deception and shine the brightest light into the darkest corners in a quest to find those who are wanting to be free. If you are ready to join me then I hope you will partner with my wife Chelsea, daughter Naomi and I as we set a new standard for The Reynolds name. I hope you will subscribe to this blog, then share this message, our videos, blogs, and interviews with all you can. In doing so, you will get to share in the reward of all those whose lives are rescued because of it. If you are called to partner with us in your prayers or financially so that this message can continue to go out, then please see our Join Us page to do so. May you become courageous. May you be filled with an overflowing of peace and joy so that you might share it with all who are willing to listen. May you remember every day you linger in-between the worlds of light and darkness thousands perish never knowing The Truth. I hope you will become one of the few to join the Remnant of The Redeemed who seek and save the lost and dying. Whether their shackled to debt, addictions, doubt or fear go out and show them there is freedom waiting for all who call upon His Name.

With the fullness of my love, passion, and joy.

-Nathan Reynolds

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