Becoming a Double Agent

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Have you ever been given a treasure so precious you hid it away? Maybe you peeled back the layers of carpet and crammed it between concrete and foam. Perhaps you wrote of its location, this great pearl, in an old journal, which is now lost in the boxes marked, “ATTIC SPACE.” Or maybe you grew up in a home where gifts weren’t hidden but were cherished, cultivated, and allowed to grow into wonders beyond compare.

For decades I was raised inside a den of thieves. I was taught by professional criminals how to remain undetected. The sleight of hand was not bound to disappearing thumbs, quarters, or handkerchiefs but evidence of bribery, blackmail, and bitter acts of revenge. I was taught how to live between the shadows of people’s perceptions and the fuzzy reality of truth. It was a subtle art taught to me by people who worshiped a fiery serpent called by many names. This Plumed Serpent gave them a strange fire which they used to deceive the minds of men. It helped them to hide “the hand” which dealt so devilishly with the world.

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Each and every one of us was born into our own strange worlds. Some stranger than others. I could not comprehend the normalcy of my neighbors when I went to their 4th of July parties, where children ran around in honest enjoyment. In wide-eyed wonder I’d see them fill their squirt guns with water from the hose. Meanwhile, my Family taught me to fill them with Ammonia and how to aim for the eyes. I viewed their ‘normal’ life as that shadowy underworld… the place where dreams are made true by the innocence and ease of life. Their world was an endless mirage of fruit trees budding to life in the distance. All the while my Family’s deserts of death rippled in between.

No one ever gets a pass in this life, whether your grow up rubbing elbows with the elite or you beg for food on the street. Life, just as with death, is truly inescapable. There is no way to avoid the explosion of emotions that comes when a phone rings carrying the news of miscarriage, divorce, infidelity, or loss of income. Life will always come calling.

The echoes of those rings can bring us tears from memories of childhood hilarity or teenage antics of ‘risky behaviors.’ Sometimes life sounds like screaming from the frustrations of situations we have no control over.

For all of us the sounds of life trigger memories of the patterns we were raised in. For my wife, Chelsea it was by and far a wonderful life. Where families took care of each other and tended to their children’s needs. One which gave her lenses to this world that were clear, and marred only by the inevitable stains worldly living leaves on us all. The lenses with which I learned to see the world were shattered, giving me visions of many lives perpetually wandering in and out.

She saw the innocence of childhood through her own eyes, while mine came through those stolen vicarious glances. I looked with desert dried eyes at “the family next door” and tried to catch a glimpse of something unfamiliar to me. In all my peering I was convinced by those master magicians, that those moral families, were a cursed land of meaningless misery.

Instead I fell in love with a lie. I embraced it as identity as we all have done. I longed instead to be alone. To cut off from my soul the gift life brings. Maybe you cut the gift of life off, with the job you are addicted to; a career, which allows you to escape your children or marriage and hide behind your pursuit for a better tomorrow. Maybe you hide from the ringing sounds of life by running into the black mirror of a technology. Those breathless idols who seduce us with their promises of comfort and convenience.

We run from the sounds and realities of Life because at key moments in our earlier life those gifts were stolen away from us. They were taken by a dirty comment, a lust fueled touch or someone playing a cruel joke on us. They snatched away from us the truth of who we are. When they told us we were mistakes, failures, or foolish one night stands. Those thieves stole from us the truth and left us a nest of lies built by an architect of evil.

There is a real architect of this prison system we’ve been ensnared in. The authors of evil, the designers of worldwide webs of deception hide among Parent Teacher Organizations, City Hall Councils, hair stylists, and kings alike. They have willingly, but often ignorantly, agreed to be agents of deceit. They create the problems in our life, they manage our reactions like a farmer does his crop. They prune us with poison, while watering their strategically placed seeds of deceit. Until the day comes when they can harvest our reactions and provide us the solution of our demise.

They are masters of their Craft. They walk in to churches and bow their well-practiced knees. Raising their hands higher still they masquerade with the righteous. Hoping their other ‘brothers’ see their good deeds. But The Most High God is not befuddled by their mimicry. He has never been fooled, hoodwinked, or usurped. There has never been a carnal ascension to His Holy Throne. Gods have fought for it and in chains of darkness were they bound, to be punished. Men and women have died in their quest for apotheosis their bodies are found rotting with putrid worms instead.

Dragons, and the agents who serve them, do not battle opponents directly. Instead they are patient, ever eager to allow ‘nature’ to take its course. When Komodo Dragons want to hunt dangerous prey, like a water buffalo, they do so with a far more ancient method of warfare.

The dragons, normally solitary creatures gather together in order to target a far larger prey. In this example they start by appraising a group of buffalo feeding on the island grasses. The dragons soon choose one of the buffalo and then they surround it from its support system. Once it’s been driven from the heard, the dragons, in a moment of frenzy, suddenly launch an assault on the buffalo.

They lash out with the most delicate dance of small bites until a small stream of blood is started. They strike at the heels until they pierce their flesh surrounding the back of the hoof and then suddenly they stop. Letting their panicked prey get up and leave. The dragons retreat, keeping an eye on their prey with a rotating shift. The animal soon becomes desensitized to their smell. Even beginning to sleep with the dragons who use the animal as warmth. All the while knowing, those small wounds are still seeping. The dragons wait patiently while their poison does its work.

For days, and then weeks, and sometimes longer, the dragon’s nest with their prey. Waiting for those long forgotten wounds to fester. Soon the sores begin to stagnate, the venomous infection spreads into every area of their body, as they leak their life into the soil. Then at a moment of their choosing the dragons gather as, wolves to the wounded where they tear their prey apart. Those subtle and crafty dragons are patient predators who consume their captive when it no longer can provide them “a meal on wheels.’

Komodo Dragons, like the Serpents of old, have a poison which does not kill you quickly. They are ancient creatures who are patiently and precisely infecting us all. Whether they walk in a Jesuit’s cloak of concealment, a politician’s promise, or deemed “Safe and Effective,” by our white robed medical priests, they profit off the poison they feed us, the treatments that ail us, and the death of their meal on wheels.

The world is at war with you and the gift of life you were given. Each and every one of us was entrusted with just one life. One day, one moment, a single span of attention bridging the past, present and future. It is what we do with those single moments, which feeds the dragons or reveals their deeds. It comes when the prey suddenly sees the dragon sleeping next to it as the devil it is and crushes its arrogant head.

The reason the architects of evil have so ensnared us all is because human beings are the embodiment of what they can never be. These rebellious watcher angels and fallen princes of heaven will never have forgiveness. They can never be redeemed. And yet there exists a creature who, even after choosing death, can instead be freed to life. The creatures of clay, mankind in all its flaws and weakness, can be forgiven.

No matter what you have done. No matter what you have failed to do. No matter how many times you drank the poison, and let the dragons consume your joy, steal your peace or ruin your family. You can choose to change.

You can choose to turn from your path of self-hatred, regret, or indifference and embrace the gift of Life again. You can be brought out of death itself. Your soul can be resurrected from the grave it was cast into, by your hand or the hand of any other. You can be saved from the destruction of pornography, abuse, violence, rage, and indifference.

You can take the chains, which once bound you to despair and cast them into His furnaces of redemption. The metals of our misery can be refined in the fires of His freedom. He alone teaches us how to turn wicked wounds, into an armor of hope and weapons of deliverance.

We were never supposed to be seduced by the liars we called boyfriends, bishops, or doctors of pedigree. And yet… we all were. All of us have been deceived. We have all been lied too, cheated on and stolen from. We had thieves take our character traits that made us passionate, playful, delicate and overwhelming. But the joys of this Life can be restored to us. It comes when we choose to spend the single moment of time we have been given on the truth. When we do this we will leave the dragons to their nests of unrest and we will find a home built upon The Rock of Redemption.

This world was built to make us believe lies. The gods of this age, those corporate Entities like Disney, the bitten Apple, and SERCO, are ruled by master magicians, wizards, and unholy priestesses of ancient orders. They wave their wands and broadly cast over us false realties that make our little girls want to be heroes of The Hunger Games, until they become trained seduction-wielding assassins like a Red Sparrow. They imagineer our sons to want to be sissy soldiers and turn grown men into teenagers who play video games, while they rape our wives and sisters in their corporate offices, because Feminism and Liberty is our goddess in the United States of Columbia.

So the question remains…. How do you fight an enemy you can’t see? How do you fight a venomous lie spoken into your soul forty years ago? How do undo what happened to you when you were in third grade and didn’t know any better? You stop fighting feelings with bullets, booze, and bitterness. You must learn to fight with an unseen arsenal. You must utilize weapons that did not originate from their armory.

You slay the dragons of deceit by your refusal to believe the lies you were infected with. You fight with humbled knees, tear stained cheeks, and a relentless devotion to resist. We seek to do good instead of evil, to bless and not curse, even to the ones who stole our innocence. When we sacrifice our fury, bitterness and hatred you will be given an unshakeable faith to do the impossible. Forgive….as many times as you have been forgiven.

In doing so, we weaponize the one thing the dragons do not have, repentance, forgiveness, mercy, and above all else…Truth. At the end of the day, the only thing which will slay the dragons of old is the Blood of The Lamb, the words of our testimony, and not loving our lives even unto Death.

We must turn from the internal targeting, which shoots the man in the mirror with the guilt of another person’s mistakes. Instead, we lay our sights on vein imaginations, doctrines of devils and seek to destroy those wounds from within. We ask The Most High God to deliver us, by the power of His Hands from the wounds of words, the guilt of glances, and the curse of cowardice.

We seek salvation not from the life He blessed us to live, but instead from the feelings which stole our peace. We must remember to learn and study the Words He’s given us and fight for our homes to be set free.

Those dragons may come to consume some of us along the way. But no matter what happens, you can come to know the one whose name is Wonderful, Counselor, and Prince of Peace. The Captain of The Heavenly Host will teach you to slay your dragons (Joshua 5). He will show you what they look like, how they speak with their forked tongues of beauty and dis-ease. He will equip you with everything you need to conquer the kings of chaos, titans of sorcery, or restless sleep.

Call upon Him and see if He is not able to rescue. He does not grow weary, He will never fall short, He will reach into the depths of The Abyss and draw you out. (2 Samuel 22) He is merciful forgiving the chief sinners of their detestable days, nights, and worthless slights. He is mighty to save, quick to deliver, and the only One who will once and for all slay The Dragon of Old.

These words are written to remind you, our battle is not with flesh and blood. All wars, whether they are fought with shrapnel or keyboards are first fought in the spiritual realm. The disciples and masters of these magic-(ka-el) realms do so with fervent devotion. They have sworn the oaths against heaven and earth. Forsaking all others, instead they darken their understandings. Divining the secrets of cosmic archons through their astral projections into quantum realms of occulted ethereal space. Ever seeking to succeed they sear their conscience with the hot irons of incest, murder, and spirit cooking’s ceremonies. In doing so, they have done every detestable thing (Ezekiel 8, 2 Kings 3).

They have sought to skip across their Kabbalistic trees of death, by descending to the Abyss of Apollyon. It is from this debased place where they can seek the fallen hosts of captive rebels, called the Qlippoth. These angelic prisoners of perversion are held in the chains of Tartarus beneath The Pit. It is in the dungeons of dragons where modern mystics makes ancient covenants among Death, Hell, and the Grave. They seek to pass through the strange fiery rings of these dragons of the ‘radiant darkness.’ In a quest to go upon the straight path from hell to holy. If they are not slaughtered in their fiery disintegration and they pass through the destruction, they become “illuminated.” Rising from this abyss the magician ascends to a veritable godhood of powers so that they can reign as the Qlippoth’s earthly stewards of evil to achieve their ‘Great Work.’ Now full of the harlots cup they become bodies for the beasts they serve. From this position magicians launch coordinated covert assaults seeking to ensnare the hoodwinked masses into their inevitable destruction.

These super-charged devotees feed their Family spirits and ancient masquerading gods with the dis-ease of the nations. They weaponize fear, guilt, and shame transmuting this negative energy into strange ethereal fires. Only after their supply of wicked deeds are at their fullest will they strike. The precision-guided weapons shoot like fiery missiles into the hearts and minds of mankind. These doctrines of deception find soils prepared by ‘Great Workers’ now long deceased.

Just as a single spark sets the forest ablaze, so too their serpents sting sets the world alight. Look no further, than the rise of spiritism in the 19th century, or the emasculation of man, morality, and eternal meaning in the 20th. But the single greatest truth these master magicians don’t want you to know is this: Their mental magic whether it came from, Aleister Crowley or Jerry B. Jenkins, can be extinguished. (

No matter the scale of the ritual working, these scientifically spiritual practitioners are opening gateways in all realms of life. Look no further than the five decades of experiments with portals being opened by Neutrinos at Sandford Labs in South Dakota, or with their collider rings and accelerators in Transylvania, China, New York, and France. (

Our media forces us and more importantly, our children, into front line seats while fallen angels are fed the focused emotions of the fans of millions. The Qlippoth’s high priestess Madonna performed her perfect 33-minute ritual at the 2012 Super Bowl Half-Time Show. This single performance still broadly casts her invocations and evocations to billions of eager eyes and open ears.

We must close these doors of deception once and for all. We must cleanse their curses of death by our relentless pursuit of life. We must banish these Magical Kingdoms like Disney from poisoning our children. We must stop daily divorcing our children. Sending them away to institutions of indoctrination where they will be married to the churches of science, state, or emergent new age faiths. We must never be complicit in allowing others to raise our children in nests of deceit.

We can choose this day how we live. We can choose to live authentically. Even when the sounds of Life come calling with bad news and broken hearts. We must stand firm when our Monday morning feeling comes to convince us we are miserable.

We need to be better husbands, fathers, and sons. We need to fight for fellowship, friendship, and truth. We need to leave this world of worries to The God Who Provides. We must stop looking for the gods of Mammon to bless us and instead seek the provision that does not rot, rust, or leave us empty. We must be encouragers, quick to clothe the naked with mercy, sincerity, and comfort. Freely we have been given this life, so freely give your life to all you can. In doing so, we might finally shirk off the accurate accusations of our apathy and indifference to the lost and hoodwinked sheep.

Find a way to fight a quiet war of redemption for the souls of whoever may ‘coincidentally’ stumble across your path. The path we must walk upon will always be narrow. Few will find it…fewer still will overcome the obstacles and fulfill the greatest mission of all. Just what that mission is….is between you and the One True King.

I am not the man you should look to for your marching instructions. I am not here to be a leader of a movement, to fight your battles, or be a shot-caller to wolves hiding among sheep. I am a man like many others who was raised by people under the influence of dragons and thieves. I seek other pilgrims who are progressing through life learning to accept the truth instead of hiding behind false identities. I seek your friendships, your fellowships, and your sincerity. I wish to learn to love the life I’ve been given and to fight for the deliverance of the people who once stole it from me.

Whether you are a wolf hiding among the brethren, a courageous peasant hiding in plain site, or a dragon nesting with the elite, you are welcome to walk with me along as we plot our course through the dens of devils and seek to snatch the family trees from those fires of iniquity.

If someday these words find their way to the ones who dealt their Death cards in response to my recent blog and video revelations, may you know; He alone quieted the murderous rage of the sons of Cain. Those Dr. Jekyll’s and Mr. Hyde’s. Those betrayed ones you trained to kill and forget, are now finding peace to calm their storms. May you not forget my family still lives, not because of anything I did, but because of who He is. Do you not know Yahweh is merciful and quick to save those who cry out to Him in their distress? And yet Families love to cling to old traditions.

Only cowards send children to fight their battles, while the Family elders hide behind walls of blood oaths, corporate loopholes, and Family Trusts. Enough people have fought your dirty wars, but we are no longer soldiers for your mystic “jesus.” We have grown weary of your bloodlust, greed, and promises of future bliss.

From within your households will come the agents of your destruction. I am like millions of others, who were double agents hiding in your fiery midst. We may have been born without the freedom to choose, but we have come to know the Author of Freedom. We are no longer children bound to your broad ways of bitterness, envy, and strife.

Long ago and maybe last week, us Survivors were the blackmailed bodies from the pages in your little black books. But we have recorded evidence of your double dealings and sown this terrible truth into the winds. Everything you thought you did covertly will be brandished for all. What a terrible and dreadful enemy El Shaddai is to those who persecute His beloved.

My body will one day be broken but my spirit will never again be bound to my former Families ultimate defeat. Your reprisals, threats, and attacks are ill-advised as the spotlight is only growing brighter on your darkest deeds. You have been warned to flee the destruction to come. Soon, the strange fires you wield will consume your Families, your fortunes, and your spell-casting fame. May none of you be found among them. For their magical and material houses will come down, and the crashes they bring will be unlike anything the world has yet seen.

Be relentless in your devotion to understand the Truth and to wield your spiritual weapons with practiced poise. Do not doubt our Deliverer is among us and He will transform what they intended for evil into the saving of many lives. Count it a joy my dearest brothers and beloved sisters when you are able to finally suffer for The Truth, rather than our petty mistakes. Let your hearts be filled with hope because as of now, your gift of Life is still beating. Pounding away those precious moments. May you choose to spend them wisely. I hope you never again are satisfied with hiding your treasures, those gifted brilliant moments, under the rugs of regret, and the carpets of cowardice. Let us be guilty of a life lived with unquenchable passions to see captive hearts and minds set free.

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