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My talent was discovered before I knew how to write. My mother had taken me to the library to check out some books. She had let me check out a VHS tape on karate. The film opened with a man demonstrating many of the more advanced blocks, strikes, and throws. Later that night when my dad came home, he started to wrestle with me, as he was so fond to do. When… Read More

I am staring into the forest of a land I’ve not seen since I was 18 years old. Back then I was driven here by a soldier following orders. It was night and I wasn’t able to drink in the scenery as I do now. That night I did what I once did so well. I fought with fury, hatred, and rage. I fought a stranger to death with fires of vengeance… Read More

The First Method is Fear Fear is the primary tool used to manipulate and control individuals both within the Bloodline Families and those who abide outside the chosen genealogies. I do not have to give you a crash course on fear as I am sure some of you were terrified just to read this book or hear someone even talk about Luciferianism or ritual abuse. Every individual who has ever sought out… Read More