Chelsea and I were in the wilderness for nearly four years.We’d grown so tired of the lonely wanderings and prayed month after month for authentic fellowship. We prayed for families who were aware of the truths about our devilishly orchestrated society and walked on the narrow Way. We did not see those prayers answered for months, then years but our faith bid us to continue. Amidst the depths of our greatest hours… Read More

Before I conclude this book, I must confess to you, my reader, a weakness and a truth. I have an innate flesh nature to be inwardly angry towards so many aspects of the Catholic Church. Trust me, I’ve written hundreds of thousands of words on it, and much has been tied to my abuse perpetrated within the pews of those stained-glass cathedrals and tempestuous tunnels beneath their prestigious parishes. Even as I’ve… Read More

I am going to offer you a window into the hidden world of healing for a broken soul. The process of healing can bring with it a flurry of dreams. Often this is the place pieces of my soul are able to express impossible emotions free of accusation, fear, and threats. Like all of us whose sleep filled dreams can take on the expression of our innermost struggles and fears, so too… Read More