Rob Skiba and Nathan Reynolds: The London Bridge, Arizona and The Judas Coin

Originally aired on Rob Skiba's Youtube Channel. Rob interviews Nathan Reynolds on his book Snatched From The Flames and his recent revelations. In this show we uncover how The Reynolds Family achieved a scion into the more illustrious Families and guilds. R.J. Reynolds who built the Reynolds Nabisco tobacco Titan in Salem-Winston. The Reynolds did so through the use of Goetic Magic. Ancient Spirits are summoned to make deals of deceit. In this case The Reynolds used one of the 30 pieces of Silver Judas used to betray Jesus of Nazareth. The devilish pact was used to build an empire of wealth with the cost of bloodshed and the orchestrated deaths of billions. Later in the show we also uncover the criminal empire which was grown out of a military base turned, "Fantasy Island" by The City of London and religious cults in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.