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Buzz…. Buzz…. Buzz.. I answered the phone. Chelsea’s voice, filled with betrayal, bellowed out, “Ruger just bit Naomi in the face!” “What?!” I replied. Naomi was screaming hysterically in the background. “Ruger mauled Naomi in the kitchen, and there is blood all over.” A thousand pounds of dread sank through my soul. Chelsea and Naomi had gone to the store; Ruger, as usual, accompanied them on the trip. Upon their return, Chelsea… Read More

We continued to take him on walks with us after Naomi was born and did our best to keep him occupied, but it was not ideal. Just before Naomi was seven months old, I thought I would help Chelsea get some rest, so I took Naomi and Ruger for a walk around the lake. I usually never kept Ruger on a leash, but the park ranger had been hounding people who didn’t,… Read More

The first steps into the wild were weighed down with backpacks. I cinched Ruger’s pack down on his back as Chelsea and I prepared to step onto the trail. We headed through mountain meadows and up forested hills. The hours passed as we saw the wonders hidden away for those who are willing to leave the comforts of civilizations and perfectly paved roads. We hiked over waterfalls and bedded down that night… Read More