"for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood... "

Monthly Archives: March 2019

No matter where Chelsea and I turned, we fought opposition and resistance. We could not abide in our usual places of comfort, so instead we stopped fighting The Deliverer and yielded to His call to the wild, uncharted desert, the place where most believers refuse to go, the narrow Way where sustenance comes only from the Bread which falls from Heaven and from waters which shoot forth from The Rock. Chelsea and… Read More

Chelsea and I were just trying to endure the newness of sleepless nights and child-rearing as best as any new parents do. The trouble with babies, especially newborns, is that they tend to cry. The crying was like murder in my mind and would send me back to moments of madness when monsters masquerading as men caused little ones to scream in agony. I could not bear it when she would cry;… Read More