Monthly Archives: March 2019

Many of the difficulties Chelsea and I faced over those first two years of restoration were stuck in dealing with my bodily pain as well as Naomi’s digestion and health. There was no way I could get around the burdens and baggage my body had carried. For years it had been deprived of the opportunity to heal and be at rest. Due to our lack of consistent income, Chelsea and I became… Read More

Just a few weeks before most families are getting ready to celebrate Easter, Chelsea and I decided it was time we did our best to celebrate our first Biblical Feast, Passover. Passover is one feast, which hallmarks the most crucial moment in our faith. It offered us the joy of celebrating the Passover Lamb who was slain and resurrected, purchasing for us all the redemption we so desperately needed. Two things happened… Read More

The upheaval Chelsea and I experienced invaded every area of our lives. Coming to grips with the reality of my past began to give me joy and freedom in ways I’d never known. I found an understanding of my identity being made new and whole. Now I wake up next to a woman who loves every part of me. I can look over at them napping on a Sabbath snooze and see… Read More