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How much does it cost to speak the truth? How much would you pay to know the truth about life, about death, or the way the world works? What would you be willing to give up to know with absolute certainty you’ve found true reality? Many say they want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, but when shown the cost and the consequences of knowing the truth, they… Read More

I typed out those words just a few days after standing in our living room, listening to that song with Chelsea and Naomi. I had felt the flooding of emotion, the overwhelming sorrow and grief. Chelsea saw me on the ground, crying hysterically that night and then when I wrote down the healing session. She heard me scream and groan with the agony of memories so vivid and real they crashed through… Read More

His name was Danny, and he gave me a toy car. It was a 1997 Dodge Viper GTS. It was my favorite car and I don’t know how he knew it, but he gave it to me while we walked into the forest on our way to The Grove. He slipped it into my hand as he brushed by me. I saw him on the bus on the way to school the… Read More