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The power of the Church comes when we out of our love for Him choose to obey His Word. It is His Law and commandments we must once again learn in order to be empowered to fulfill our calling. The Instructions of Yahweh especially those first five books written by the finger of Yahweh Elohim are the power source for the Body of Messiah. (Deuteronomy 9) “The Law” as we read it… Read More

We had gotten a letter from a girl on our way to school. She had written, “I’m sorry your heart hurts, and I know why. You gave up too early, your chase for meaning, matter and more. You matter more than this, and I know it is true…” She was in seventh grade, and we met her on the bus early one morning. Our violin was in our hands as we had… Read More

Under the ownership of my Family I spent my life in different churches: nearly a dozen different denominations and Christian schools in multiple states. In all of them, I never saw real power, I never saw authority; all I saw was their weakness, and that is why I was there. The Families have no problem taking their pet projects into churches, cathedrals, synagogues, temples, or mosques because there is no power of… Read More