Monthly Archives: October 2018

The same day I told Chelsea about the abuse and the horrors, I also met with my father. Outside a Whole Foods grocery store, I sat with my dad telling him I needed to talk to him about some things. The last time I’d seen my mother, I’d told her about one of the molestations, and he said to me that she’d told him. I began to weep as I told him… Read More

He came for me in the stillness, in the dark of the night when dawn was still far off. He placed the pommel of the double-edged dagger in my palm and told me whom to take. The clandestine targets on a paper would later become numbers on My List; The List of nameless faces who would haunt my early morning dreams. Their blood splashed on my knuckles, fingers and tear-stained fists. I… Read More

The days had grown long; summer was drawing near and with it would come the end of our lives as we had known them. Chelsea and I were sitting together on the wicker furniture she’d picked from the trash, painstakingly restored, and painted a brilliant white. The neighborhood was quiet and Naomi was beginning to kick and buck in her belly as there were only a few short months until she would… Read More