"for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood... "

Monthly Archives: September 2018

The shadows would grow deep. They would set upon us as quickly as a bolt of lightning finding its way through the thick clouds above. The screams, the terrors of the night, the haunting need to run from something I could not see. The night is still upon us. I feel Chelsea’s cold hand upon my pounding sweat peppered chest. She is quiet but reassuring; my gasps and screams are fading into… Read More

She walks through the screen door; it creaks the ancient spring biting into the well-worn grooves dragging it back to its familiar resting place. She’s got a hat pulled low hiding her hazel eyes. She’s wearing soccer shorts, a tank top and flipflops with a Hawaiian name I couldn’t spell right. There is no heart-stopping-our-eyes-met moment to relate. Instead, it was an introduction from one friend’s friend to another. I had been… Read More