Monthly Archives: September 2018

I had begun to piece together so many pieces to the puzzle of my past, from the numerous different handwritings in my had begun to piece together so many pieces to the puzzle of journals, the missing time when other parts were up, to the different names I used to go by when I met people. The fractured memories and forgetting began to disappear. I was finding out more about who I… Read More

Two weeks later I began to ask forgiveness for the sins of my ancestors, to repent for oaths spoken by Family members and myself. I asked The Father to wash away my sins, to cleanse me of my transgressions, and to remove all my ancestors’ iniquities. (Exod. 34:7) I renounced the oaths that had been spoken, the curses over children, and the cutting out of tongues. I asked for cleansing and healing… Read More

Our journey towards destiny started in the spring of 2016. Chelsea now four months pregnant was sitting next to me. The air was hot and full of terrible smells as Ruger our dog was getting sick in the back seat of a rented car. We were headed down to a conference called Hear the Watchmen hosted by Mike Kerr. It was going to be a gathering of many of the teachers, researchers,… Read More