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This book is dedicated to The Survivors. Those wounded-ones whose brilliant lives were snuffed out in the blackened flames of monotony, madness, and murder. CONTENTS Forward Part 1 Chapter 1 The Unknown Chapter 2 Our Choice Chapter 3 My Safe Harbor Chapter 4 Things to Come Chapter 5 Deliverance in Dallas Part 2 Chapter 6 The Pains of Remembering Chapter 7 Murder on Their Minds Chapter 8 Hunted Chapter 9 Will She… Read More

How long have you hidden in the shadows? How long have you buried your face in the sands of ignorance, hoping the horrors of this world would pass you by? The days of running and hiding from the raw reality of the world are drawing to their climatic close. So I ask you, where will you be found when the inky fingers of monsters claw their way out of the shadows, and… Read More