Monthly Archives: August 2018

The water is at my feet again. It laps at my toes tempting me to take a plunge. I see the face of this man of many staring back at me. We know more than we’d ever forgotten. The memories have come back in waves, breakers, and billows big enough to capsize the cargo ships full of containers stacked a hundred and fifty feet into the air. A thousand questions are pummeling… Read More

Where do you begin a story that would take years to share? Do you start on the day they held you under the water until you thought you’d drown? What about the bitterly cold night when as a young child they made you kill a stranger? How about the time you were bleeding out after being shot and stabbed watching Death come to harvest your furious soul? Why not share what it… Read More

“It is the glory of Yahweh to conceal a matter; but it is the honor of kings to search it out.” Proverb of Solomon The Book you are about to read is a true story. It is published in direct disobedience to The Families Orders. Some of the names, places, and dates may have been changed. This has been done to protect the innocent. With that being said, those who have eyes… Read More